Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Wicked Conscience Of A Godless Wealthy Jeweller Sandra d'Auriol Made Her Jump To Her Death After Cosmetic Surgery In Beverly Hills!

Yoga Didn't Save Sandra d'Auriol
Deep Spirituality Didn't Save Sandra d'Auriol

Her death is blamed on post-anaesthetic psychosis.

How about a wicked conscience made her jump off the building of a famous plastic surgeon there in Beverly Hills.

Yeah that's a better explanation.

The wealthy are idiots when it comes to things of God.

The best peace of mind is not a pile of money but a good conscience. And by good conscience I don't mean a conscience that is numb to everything - but a conscience that is formed by the Roman Catholic faith - a conscience that obeys the will of God by adhering to the ten commandants and the precepts of the Catholic Church. A conscience that needs regular confession to a priest - weekly of bi-weekly.

Instead this wealthy lady put all her trust in clearing her conscience by giving money to various secular charities.

According to her "friend" (another godless soul) Sandra d'Auriol gave time & money to charities:
She started an appeal after the recent terrible typhoon in the Philippines, and raised a substantial amount of money and goods. Not content with doing that, she got on a plane with Yan, and helped on the ground with the distribution of disaster aid.
Sandra co-founded a charity called the Child Welfare Scheme, for children in Nepal, which was funded with the profits from her business.
Giving money and time to secular charities is not gonna ease a wicked conscience - the wealthy are too stupid to realize this - so just sit back and watch their public demise.

Her friend said that:
Yoga, for Sandra, was almost a way of life.
Sandra was not a conventionally religious person, but she believed in God, and had a deep spirituality.  
Figures - yoga and of course that deep spirituality - and don't forget a woman like Sandra d'Auriol is too sophisticated and intelligent to believe in God as are all the wealthy

But being a creation of  a God she denies worship to still must be buried like all heathens so her memorial service is being held  at an Anglican church - St John’s cathedral in Hong Kong.

And get this:
Friends are being asked not to send flowers - Sandra abhorred the waste of flowers at ceremonies - but to dress in bright colours ‘to create the most colourful and precious bouquet of all for Sandra: one made up of her beloved friends and family’. Daily Mail Read More>>>>
Ha! No flowers in the house of God (not saying Anglican church is God's house - just making the observation that most godless souls never want to show any respect to God with ceremonies and incense and flowers and whatnot)  Sandra d'Auriol  like all godless souls wouldn't want to give any glory and honor to the God who created her, now would she?

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