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House Of Saud DOOM! Crown Prince Mohammed bin Nayef IMPRISONED!

Saudi Doomdidn't take long........

BEIRUT, Lebanon — The recently deposed crown prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Nayef, has been barred from leaving the kingdom and confined to his palace in the coastal city of Jidda, according to four current and former American officials and Saudis close to the royal family. The new restrictions on the man who until last week was next in line to the throne and ran the kingdom’s powerful internal security services sought to limit any potential opposition for the new crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman, 31, the officials said, speaking on the condition of anonymity so as not to jeopardize relationships with Saudi royals. It was unclear how long the restrictions would remain in place. An adviser to the Saudi royal court referred queries to the Information Ministry, whose officials could not immediately be reached for comment on Wednesday. A senior official in the Saudi Foreign Ministry reached by telephone on Wednesday night described the acco…

Elon Musk To Help With Chicago's Infrastructure Just Days After Infraccess CEO Neil Rodney Smith Was Murdered Over Chicago's Infrastructure Woes!

Rahm Emanuel, Elon Musk talk tunnel for O'Hare-downtown high-speed rail....

What timing.....

Just days after Infraccess CEO Neil Rodney Smith was possibly murdered Over Chicago/Illinois Infrastructure woes now comes this.....

Mayor Rahm Emanuel is talking to entrepreneur Elon Musk about the possibility of the technology investor and SpaceX founder using a high-tech digger to bore out an underground high-speed rail line connecting downtown to O'Hare International Airport. On Monday, Emanuel described the discussions as preliminary, but said he plans to have Musk's team here to see if digging a rail line makes more sense than other possibilities like using an existing railroad right-of-way or double-decking the CTA Blue Line to speed travelers to and from the airport. The mayor resurrected the long-discussed high-speed train in early 2016, a dream predecessor Richard M. Daley had talked about off and on since the early 1990s. Emanuel sees it as a way to improve Chicago…

TRUMP INDIA DOOM! PM Gives Trump Bear Hug As China India Border Dispute Intensifies!

Bear Hug DOOM? China accuses Indian troop of crossing border in Sikkim section  BEIJING, JUN 27: China has accused Indian troops of “crossing the boundary” in the Sikkim section, calling for their immediate withdrawal and a thorough investigation of the issue. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang claimed in a statement last night that the Indian border guards crossed the boundary in the Sikkim section of the Sino-India border and entered Chinese territory. China urges India to immediately withdraw its border guards that have crossed the boundary and have a thorough investigation of this matter, Geng said. They obstructed normal activities of the Chinese frontier forces in the Donglang area in Sikkim recently, and the Chinese side has taken counter-measures, he said. The Sikkim section of the China-India boundary has been defined by treaties, Geng said, noting that the Indian government has repeatedly confirmed in writing that there is no objection to it. The People’s …

Otto Warmbier 'Grew Up Thinking He Could Get Away With Anything'

Not surprising that the boy is dead....

Let it be a lesson to all the other punks out there who think that anything goes...
THE UNIVERSITY OF DELAWARE PROFESSOR'S FULL FACEBOOK POST Is it wrong of me to think that Otto Warmbier got exactly what he deserved?
He went to North Korea for f*** sake, and then acted like a spoiled, naive, arrogant, US college student who never had to face the consequences of his actions.
I see him crying at his sentencing hearing and think 'What did you expect?'
How about the moments of thought give to all the other people in North Korea who are suffering under the repressive government there? Just because they are north Koreans, and not US citizens, we shouldn't care about them?
I've spent my life teaching folks just like Otto (I'm a 62 year old college professor of anthropology) and Otto is typical of the mindset of a lot of the young, white, rich, clueles (sic) males who come into my classes.
These are the same kids who cry ab…

China Infrastructure? Building Under Construction Collapses Resulting In Several Dead

Chinese companies to play more active role in US infrastructure building: Experts  NEW YORK — US President Donald Trump has pledged a massive infrastructure plan in the country, which may bring increasing opportunities for Chinese companies, US experts said here on Wednesday. "The Trump administration has been very focused on investing infrastructure, including public-private partnerships ... We are open for business and welcome Chinese companies to participate and bid for the projects," said Patric Foye, executive director of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, on an event titled "Skyclub Dialogue: Infrastructure Development and Investment" in New York. Foye further explained that as the government agency oversees much of the regional transportation infrastructure in the two states, Port Authority processes bridges, tunnels, airports and seaports, which are "revenue-generating assets" and "expect to attract capitals from all over the w…

NYC Billionaires’ Row DOOM!

Another luxury condo at Manhattan’s One57 is scheduled for a foreclosure auction -- the second time in a month that a property seizure is being sought at the Billionaires’ Row tower following a mortgage default. And it might be the biggest in New York City residential history. Apartment 79, a full-floor penthouse that was the eighth-priciest sold in the building, is scheduled for auction on July 19, according to real estate data firm PropertyShark. The owner of the condo, a shell company listed in public records as One57 79 Inc., bought the 6,240-square-foot (580-square-meter) residence in December 2014 for $50.9 million, according to New York City records. Source

Thugs Shoot Firework At Homeless Guy CCTV - London - May 2017


LOL! Billionaire CEO'S Experience Virtual Reality Homelessness!

The wealthy men and women were filmed wearing virtual reality goggles as part of the CEO Sleepout   The head honchos of Australia's most profitable businesses gathered together to raise money for homeless people by partaking in the 'CEO Sleepout'. But the wealthy bosses were slammed after it emerged the men and women were given virtual reality headsets to simulate homelessness instead of actually sleeping rough on the streets. Footage of a row of CEOs wearing the expensive headsets as they experienced 'what it was like to be homeless' through futuristic software sparked fury from dozens of critics who slammed them as 'out of touch' with reality. The caption of the video, posted to Twitter, read: 'Our Sydney CEOs using virtual reality to get a glimpse of the realities faced by the people who experience this everyday.' But despite the noble intentions behind the cause, the charity was instantly condemned online by users who were unimpressed by the ph…

Child Molesting Billionaire JEW Jeffrey Epstein Gets A Sweet Deal From The FEDS!

WEST PALM BEACH Federal prosecutors went on the offensive this month, denying allegations that they bowed to pressure from billionaire Palm Beach resident Jeffrey Epstein and his high-priced lawyers at the expense of dozens of teenage girls he sexually abused. In their first public comment since 2007 — when they negotiated a deal that allowed Epstein to escape federal charges — prosecutors filed hundreds of pages of documents in U.S. District Court, explaining what led to the now infamous non-prosecution agreement that has been decried as “a sweetheart deal.” Contrary to claims by attorneys representing two of Epstein’s victims in a lawsuit against the federal government, Assistant U.S. Attorney Marie Villafana said she and her superiors were trying to help the traumatized young women when they agreed to let Epstein plead guilty to state prostitution charges. The now-64-year-old money manager, who spends most of his time on his estate in the Virgin Islands, served 13 months of an 1…

Dr. Opioid Arrested For Selling 4 Million Opioids: Dr. David Taylor, 74 & Two Others In Custody

DEA: Staten Island doctor ran opioid pill mill NEW YORK (FOX5NY) - Federal agents and police officers arrested Dr. David Taylor, 74, and two others for allegedly running a pill mill on Hylan Boulevard on Staten Island. The doctor diverted 4 million pills with a street value of $40 million to Staten Islanders, according to authorities. The pain management specialist allegedly took money and goods, including single malt whiskey, for the prescriptions. The Feds said the doctor would write scripts for oxycodone and Xanax without an examination, MRIs, or medical records.DEA Special Agent in Charge James J. Hunt said: “It is alleged that millions of dollars’ worth of pain medication was diverted onto the streets of Staten Island, enabling addiction and overdoses on the borough. These arrests will impact Staten Island’s opioid market by shutting down an illicit pill distribution operation located at the heart of the borough." Fox Read More>>>>>>>>

Donald Trump: I Dont Want A ‘Poor Person’ Handling Economy......

I dont want a ‘poor person’ handling economy – Donald Trump  Donald Trump has said he doesn’t want “a poor person” to hold economic roles in his administration as he used an Iowa rally to defend his decision to appoint the wealthy to his cabinet. The US president told a crowd on Wednesday night: “Somebody said why did you appoint a rich person to be in charge of the economy? No it’s true. And Wilbur’s [commerce secretary Wilbur Ross] a very rich person in charge of commerce. I said: ‘Because that’s the kind of thinking we want.’” The president explained that Ross and his economic adviser Gary Cohn “had to give up a lot to take these jobs” and that Cohn in particular, a former president of Goldman Sachs, “went from massive pay days to peanuts”. Trump added: “And I love all people, rich or poor, but in those particular positions I just don’t want a poor person. Does that make sense?” Source

Infraccess CEO Neil Rodney Smith Murdered Over Chicago/Illinois Infrastructure Financing Fiasco?

Infraccess is committed to increasing private investment in global public infrastructure. Infraccess will use its proprietary research; social media; industry publications & associations; webinars; speaking engagements and workshops; as well as traditional media to widely publicize the issue. We are committed to increasing transparency, attracting new private sector investors and building this asset class. Infraccess believes that substantive new investment is needed globally not just to build new infrastructure, replace and repair existing facilities but to build smart cities, promote sustainable development and resiliency. Source
Neil Rodney Smith dead.

Or Sodomite sex gone wrong?
Murdered over a bad deal?
Illinois is facing financial ruin within days.

OFFICE OF THE COMPTROLLER FORECASTS SEVERE FINANCIAL STRAIN BEGINNING IN JULY See attached letter sent to elected officials from across the state this morning.
As …

Sodomite CEO Neil Rodney Smith, 57, Of The Investment Firm Infraccess Found Dead With White Towel Stuffed In Mouth....

Financier found dead after gay bondage hookup went bad: cops  A Brooklyn financier was found naked and dead in his tony Dumbo pad — after a gay bondage hookup went awry, police sources said Tuesday. Neil Rodney Smith, 57, CEO of the investment firm Infraccess, was discovered lying on his back in bed with a wet towel stuffed in his mouth and a pillow over his face inside the apartment at 1 Main St. around 1:45 p.m. Monday, police sources said. “He went online and hooked up with some guy and, whatever they were doing,” he died, a police source said.Not long before his death, “A roommate heard a guy in there with him. He heard them having sex,” the source added. Sounds from the room stopped, and a roommate later found Smith dead, the police source said. NY POST>>>>>>

Eccumenical Prayers Will Protect Trump From The Spells Of Witches On June 21 (The Summer Solstice)......


Yahoo CEO Marissa Meyer Messes Things Up At Yahoo & Leaves The Company With A $23m Severance Package

Yahoo CEO Marissa Meyer leaves the company with a $23m severance package as Verizon closes $4.48bn takeover  Verizon Communications Inc said on Tuesday it closed its $4.48 billion acquisition of Yahoo Inc's core business and that Marissa Mayer, chief executive of the internet company, had resigned. Mayer will receive a $23million severance package, according to an earlier filing, as well as $186million in stock options. 'Given the inherent changes to my role, I'll be leaving the company,' Mayer wrote in an email to the company obtained by CNN. 'However, I want all of you to know that I'm brimming with nostalgia, gratitude and optimism.' 'Verizon wishes Mayer well in her future endeavors,' the company said in a statement. Although Mayer's five years as CEO of Yahoo were marred with failure, she'll still leave the company with hundreds of millions of dollars. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>>

UBER DOOM FULFILLED! Uber CEO To Take Leave, Diminished Role After Workplace Scandals

Uber CEO to Take Leave, Diminished Role After Workplace Scandals Uber Technologies Inc. Chief Executive Officer Travis Kalanick told staff he plans to take a leave of absence, without disclosing a return date. The company will strip him of some duties and appoint an independent chair to limit his influence after a slew of scandals, according to an advance copy of a report prepared for the board. At a staff meeting Tuesday, the company will convey the results of a probe conducted by Eric Holder, the former U.S. attorney general who Uber hired to look into allegations of harassment, discrimination and an aggressive culture. The 47 recommendations include creating a board oversight committee, rewriting Uber’s cultural values, reducing alcohol use at work events, and prohibiting intimate relationships between employees and their bosses. Uber’s board met Sunday to review a detailed version of the report and voted unanimously to approve the recommendations Bloomberg>>>>>&…

NBA DOOM! Buyer Pays $133K For Two Courtside Tickets To Game 5 Of NBA Finals

Someone will be sitting in the most expensive seats in NBA history on Monday night in Oakland. A person paid $133,000, including fees, for two floor seats to Game 5 of the NBA Finals at Oracle Arena to possibly see the Golden State Warriors win their second title in three years.A team source said that a Warriors season-ticket holder sold the seats on the team's Ticketmaster resale site on Sunday night. With buyer fees at 15 percent, the buyer paid more than $17,000 in fees alone for the pair of tickets. While the face value of the specific tickets is unknown, some courtside seats for the Finals have a face value of $3,000 each, according to a document sent by the Warriors to fans during renewal time last year.The average resale price on the team site for Game 5 is $1,731, which is almost 20 percent higher than last year's Game 5 between the Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers ($1,444). Source

Bezos Falls to No. 3 as Tech Giants Drop $8.6 Billion!

Jeff Bezos slipped in his climb to become the richest person in the world when Inc. fell more than 3 percent Friday, sapping $2.6 billion from his net worth. The online retailer was caught in the downdraft of investor jitters over the technology sector’s valuations, pushing the founder to No. 3 on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index with $83.9 billion. Facebook Inc. co-founder Mark Zuckerberg, and the co-founders of Google parent Alphabet Inc. -- Larry Page and Sergey Brin -- together shed $4.6 billion in the decline. Bill Gates remains at the top of the ranking with Spanish retailing magnate Amancio Ortega at No. 2. Bloomberg

Christ Orb Versus Trump Orb

Salvator Mundi   (1570)

Uber DOOM! CEO Travis Kalanick: URGENT, URGENT - READ THIS NOW OR ELSE!!!!! You Better Read This Or I'll Kick Your Ass. Do Not Have Sex With Another Employee UNLESS ...”

JEWISH Mother + Catholic Father

Makes Travis an APOSTATE Catholic.....

Date: Friday, October 25, 2013
To: Uber Team
Hey guys, I wanted to get some important information out there. I've put together a Q&A that we can use when other folks ask what we're doing here, and have some DOs and DON'Ts for our time here in Miami.
You better read this or I'll kick your ass.
Q&A - If I've missed anything, or you just have a random question, please reply to all on this thread!
Q: What is Uber doing here?
A: Uber has recently rolled out to its 50th global city. We are celebrating this company milestone and others and have organized a local grassroots movement to help bring Uber to Miami. #MiamiNeedsUber
Q: What does the Chinese symbol 九 stand for?
A: 九 translates to the number 9. It is a symbol that has internal meaning at Uber but is something we do not discuss extern…

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Carlo Crivelli Cristo Benedicente c. 1472

Christ Orb Versus Trump Orb

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Nuclear Event in Japan on June 07 2017 06:44 AM (UTC).

Nuclear Event in Japan on June 07 2017 06:44 AM (UTC).
Japan's Atomic Energy Agency said Wednesday that five workers at a nuclear facility that handles plutonium have been exposed to high levels of radiation after a bag containing highly radioactive material apparently broke during equipment inspection. The state-run agency said the incident occurred Tuesday at its Oarai Research and Development Center, a facility for nuclear fuel study that uses highly toxic plutonium. The cause of the accident is under investigation. The mishap poses a major nuclear security concern as well as a question as to whether the handlers and their health were adequately protected at the facility. The agency said its initial survey found contamination inside the nostrils of three of the five men - a sign they inhaled radioactive dust. All five were also found to be contaminated on their hands and feet, but the radioactive material was likely to have been removed by taking off their gloves, shoe covers a…

Jeff Sessions Has Resigned


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MUSLIM Terrorist Shot Outside Notre Dame Cathedral In Paris.

Notre Dame: Attacker shouted that he was a soldier of Isil as he attempted to strike police officer with hammer. French police have shot a man outside Notre Dame cathedral in Paris after he tried to attack them with a hammer and shouted "this is for Syria", according to the interior minister. He was also in possession of two knives. One policeman was lightly injured in the attack. The man also said he was a "soldier of Daesh (Isil)", according to a source on the investigation. The main square has been evacuated and a police operation is underway. Paris police say the situation is now "under control". Source
Notre Dame Cathedral shooting: First picture of suspect who shouted "This is for Syria" before attacking police with hammerThis is the first picture of the suspect who reportedly shouted "This is for Syria", before attacking French police officers with a hammer outside Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. The French Interior Ministe…

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Unknown Artist Salvator Mundi  (third quarter of 16th century)