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Following Up The Hajj Doom For Saudi Arabia’s Haramain Train Station

Following up the August 11th DOOM post on the Haramain:

HAJJ DOOM? Haramain, The High Speed Rail From Mecca To Medina TO CRASH?August 11, 2019
Took over a month...not a train crash. Looks like a fire. Five dead.

Fire breaks out in #Haramain train station, no injury reports: — Kevin W. (@Brink_Thinker) September 29, 2019 Fire strikes Saudi high-speed train station, at least five injured DUBAI (Reuters) - A fire broke out in the Haramain high-speed rail station in Saudi Arabia’s coastal city of Jeddah, injuring at least five people, the authorities said on Sunday. Plumes of black smoke were still rising from the roof of the station at least four hours after the fire broke out at 12.35 p.m. (0935 GMT), Al-Ekhbariya state television footage showed.It said civil defense were fighting the fire with air support and many sections of the blaze were under control. Five people were transported to hospital with injuries, the official Twitter account of Mec…

Elwood Blues: Publishing Information On The C.I.A. Officer Is Dangerous......White House Knew of Whistle-Blower’s Allegations Soon After Trump’s Call With Ukraine Leader

White House Knew of Whistle-Blower’s Allegations Soon After Trump’s Call With Ukraine Leader This article has been revised to reflect the following correction: An earlier version of this article misspelled the surname of the C.I.A. general counsel. She is Courtney Simmons Elwood, not Ellwood.
WASHINGTON — The White House learned that a C.I.A. officer had lodged allegations against President Trump’s dealings with Ukraine even as the officer’s whistle-blower complaint was moving through a process meant to protect him against reprisals, people familiar with the matter said on Thursday.
The officer first shared information about potential abuse of power and a White House cover-up with the C.I.A.’s top lawyer through an anonymous process, some of the people said. The lawyer shared the officer’s concerns with White House and Justice Department officials, following policy. Around the same time, the officer separately filed the whistle-blower complaint.
The revelations provide new insight …

Trump Wants To Know Whistleblower's Sources, Says To Deal With It Like 'In The Old Days' | MSNBC


WATCH: Devin Nunes Sarcastically Compliments Democrats on Witch Hunts During Whistleblower


Rep. Ratcliffe: Whistleblower’s Account Is All “Second” And “Third Hand” Information


Ukrainian President Zelensky "Good Phone Call… Nobody Pushed Me"




10 September Bolton Fired18 September Bolton Blows his Stack at Trump during lunch18 September Bolton's Mcdonogh School SMOKESTACK BLOWS ITS STACK.....
10 SEPTEMBERTrump Fires John Bolton Over TwitterWith no warning, President Trump announced on Tuesday that John Bolton, the bellicose national security adviser whose instinct for foreign intervention has clashed with the president’s relative dovishness, is no longer working in the White House.

Bolton was Trump’s third national security adviser, after Michael Flynn (who may be on his way to prison) and H.R. McMaster (whom Trump apparently now misses). Deputy National Security Adviser Charlie Kupperman, a close aide of Bolton’s, was announced as his temporary replacement.  Bolton responded to the news of his departure almost immediately on Twitter, seeming to dispute the details of how, exactly, he was let go.  Source
18 SEPTEMBER  Bolton unloads on Trump’s foreign policy behind closed doors John Bolton, President Donald Trump’…


Another one....

UPDATED STATEMENT - SEPTEMBER 18, 2019 At approximately 8:30 a.m., there was an explosion in the school's boiler room while an outside contractor was preparing the boiler for the winter months. The explosion caused a partial collapse of the smokestack adjacent to Allan Building. One student sustained a minor injury. The student was evaluated at a local hospital and released. Two outside contractors also sustained minor injuries; one of them was transported to a local hospital for evaluation as well.  Shortly after the explosion, the campus was deemed safe by first responders; however, McDonogh decided to take the safest course of action and students were dismissed early. This afternoon, the area around the smokestack and the boiler room was fenced off, and a demolition contractor began removing debris and reducing the smokestack to a safe height based on the specifications of a structural engineer. This work will be completed tonight; therefore, school will open o…

Pictures Of Canadian Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau In Blackface

TWO more pictures emerge of Justin Trudeau - this time in blackface - hours after he apologized for wearing brownface to attend an Arabian Nights party when he was a teacher Two more damning photographs of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau dressed in blackface have emerged within hours of him apologizing for putting on brown make-up to attend an Arabian Nights party in 2001.    In the first new photograph, Trudeau is dressed up as Jamaican singer Harry Belafonte to sing Day-O, a Jamaican song, at Jean Brebeuf High School at a talent show. He graduated from the school in the early 1990s.   The second is taken from a video which is undated but was given to Global News on Wednesday. The outlet confirmed with a senior member of the Liberal campaign that it was Trudeau.  It shows him raising his arms and sticking his tongue out while dressed in a white t-shirt and jeans. Source

On Wednesday, he apologized over a different photo which was taken in 2001 when he was 29-year-old teacher.…


What's this make?

I forgot to include the Russian explosion...still waiting confirmation..

This is a Muslim accidentally setting off one of his bombs...
Brussels: Four explosions reported in Belgian capital AT LEAST four loud bangs have rocked the area near the EU parliament building in central Brussels, according to eyewitnesses. Express. Images and video posted on social media show a car on fire on Rue Belliard in the centre of Belgian capital. Witnesses said the car burst into flames shortly after 4.30pm local time and brought traffic in the area to a standstill. There were reports of at least four loud bangs prior to the car fire. A spokeswoman for Brussels transport authority said: "A vehicle caught fire at the intersection between Rue Belliard and Rue de Trêves, generating an impressive smoke release. “The rescue services are on site but it is not known if there are wounded. "Traffic lanes have been removed to make way for the security perimeter but Belliard…


OK I guess the summer time explosions are still in force..

Of course its gas...
1 Maine firefighter killed, many others injured in explosion, officials say FARMINGTON, Maine — A firefighter has been killed in an explosion at a building on Route 2 in Farmington, Maine, on Monday morning, a member of the board of selectmen said.  H. Scott Landry told our sister station WMTW News 8 that an unnamed firefighter was killed and several others were injured in the explosion.Landry said firefighters responded to 313 Farmington Falls Road, which is also Route 2, after people in the building reported smelling gas.Firefighters responded, went into the building and it exploded, Landry said.  Franklin County Sheriff Scott Nichols said many firefighters were injured in the explosion.  The building is the central office for LEAP Inc., which provides support for people with developmental, cognitive and intellectual disabilities.  Pictures from the scene showed a building in ruins.  Witnesses reported …

SAUDI DOOM! Prince Mohammed bin Salman BLOWS UP HIS OWN Aramco Abaqaiq Oil Processing Facility In Buqyaq

Pay backs for taking Da Vinci's Salvator Mundi
I thought Divine Providence was going to leave MBS alone for a while...MBS thought so too. Why else would MBS blow up his own Oil Facilities? 
MBS thinks he can get away with it.
MBS won't.
Recent MBS DOOM: MBS Buys Da Vinci's Salvator MundiMBS Loses Da Vinci's Salvator MundiMBS Imprisons 200 wealthy Saudi businessmenMBS murders Journalist Khashoggi MBS Aramco IPO disasterMBS Sister Princess Hassa bint Salman Al Saud convictedMBS blows up his own Oil facilityMBS beheads and crucifies 134 of his citizens Any actual footage of missiles hitting the Oil tanks?

No Saudi air defence for its Oil and Gas Infrastructures?

The Trump administration also released black and white satellite images overnight which it said showed 17 impact sites at the Saudi facilities, which it said faced towards the north and northwest, towards Iran and Iraq. Source

Shows the impact.....

OK but how about the delivery?

Where's the images of the missi…

Last Summer Explosion On Time? Sixteenth - Pittsburgh Man Blows Up His House On Daughter's Wedding Day! WHAT?


Another summer explosion?

I thought the summer explosions were over with...

At least this time the authorities didn't blame natural gas....
Pittsburgh man 'commits suicide on daughter's wedding day by blowing up his house' - as neighbors recall seeing him outside the property minutes before explosion shook the street  A Pennsylvania man blew up his home on his daughter's wedding day in an apparent suicide, police revealed after his body was recovered from the rubble.    Neighbors said they saw the homeowner, who has not been named publicly, standing outside of his house in the Pittsburgh suburb of Edgewood shortly before an explosion tore through the structure at about 2.30pm Saturday.   For several hours the man remained unaccounted for as emergency crews contained the fire that broke out after the blast.    The home at 318 Garland St ultimately collapsed and officials brought in heavy equipment to sift through the wreckage, where they found the body. The m…

Constitution Party Evangelical Steve Pankey, 68, Is A 'Person Of Interest' In The Kidnapping Rape And Murder of 12-Year-Old Jonelle Matthews After Her Skeletal Remains Were Found In An Oil Field.....

Born Again...

Former Idaho governor candidate is a 'person of interest' in the kidnapping and disappearance of 12-year-old Jonelle Matthews after her skeletal remains were found in an oil field A former candidate for governor in Idaho has admitted that he is under investigation for the killing of 12-year-old Jonelle Matthews, whose remains were found in an oil field 35 years after the girl went missing. Steve Pankey, 68, who ran for governor of Idaho on the Constitution Party platform in 2014, and who also ran in the 2018 Republican primary, says his home in Twin Falls was raided by authorities armed with a search warrant last week. The investigators serving the warrant had 'probable cause' to believe Pankey had kidnapped and killed Jonelle, he tells the Idaho Statesman.An armed SWAT team searched his condo and car and seized his electronic devices and financial documents, he said, leaving him in shock, reports the Statesman. Twin Falls police confirmed they exec…


This Saturday, Sept. 14, 2019, satellite image provided by NASA Worldview shows fires following Yemen's Houthi rebels claiming a drone attack on two major oil installations in eastern Saudi Arabia.  (NASA Worldview via AP) Drone strikes target world's largest oil processing facility, Saudi oil field; attack claimed by Iranian-backed rebels Saudi Arabia reportedly shuts down half its oil production after drone attack The world's largest oil processing facility and a nearby oil field in Saudi Arabia were set ablaze early Saturday morning after reported drone attacks by Iranian-backed Yemeni rebels. The Interior Ministry was quoted by state-run media as saying the fires at the Abqaiq oil processing facility in Buqyaq and the nearby Khurais oil field operated by Saudi Aramco were “targeted by drones.” It wasn’t immediately clear if there were any injuries. Houthi rebels – who are backed by Iran in a yearslong Saudi-led war against them in Yemen – have reportedly claimed r…

PUTIN DOOM! Election Official Sucker Punched In St. Petersburg


Last Explosion Of The Summer On Time: Andriy Krysovatyy Rector of Ternopil National Economic University Loses Hand In Package Explosion....

Summers almost over.... 
That makes 15 explosions... Bombalı paketi açan rektörün eli koptu Ukrayna'da evinin bahçesine bırakılan bombalı paketi açan rektörün eli koptu. Olay, Ukrayna’nın batısında yer alan Ternopil şehrinde meydana geldi. Güvenlik kamerasınca kaydedilen olayda Ternopil Ulusal Ekonomi Üniversitesi Rektörü Andrey Krysovaty'in evinin bahçe kapısına bırakılmış olan bir paketi aldığı görülüyor. Paketi inceleyerek bahçede yürüyen rektörün yanına daha sonra eşi geliyor. Görüntülerde bir süre pakete bakan rektörün, paketi açmasıyla birlikte patlamanın meydana geldiği görülüyor. Dumanların kalkmasının ardından rektörün eşinin yerde yattığı, rektörün de bahçede acı içinde koştuğu görülüyor. Source

Following up the SUMMER EXPLOSIONS Posts:
26 AUGUST 2019FOURTEENTH SUMMER EXPLOSION ON TIME! Lakewood Office Building And Shopping Center in Columbia Maryland BLOWS …

Chief Executives Of 145 Companies Urge Senate To Pass More Gun Control Laws.......


ATHEIST Megachurch Pastor Jarrid Wilson Of Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, California, Kills Himself At Age 30

Megachurch pastor who spoke out about depression and mental health issues kills himself at age 30  A popular pastor known for his outspoken advocacy for mental health issues has died by suicide. Jarrid Wilson, an associate pastor at megachurch Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, California, died late Monday, his family and colleagues confirmed. He was 30. Wilson, a married father of two, had officiated at the funeral of a woman who took her own life just hours before his death. He and his wife Julianne were the founders of an outreach called Anthem of Hope, intended to help people dealing with depression and suicidal thoughts. Source