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WINK Weatherman Dylan Federico Kills Kitten


A Florida weatherman is feeling Twitter's wrath after posting a video of a struggling kitten in Hurricane Ian -- and not being able to bring it to safety -- as conditions in the area continue to worsen and pose life-threatening risks to anyone who dares to go out in the storm. WINK-TV meteorologist Dylan Federico posted a short clip of the kitten outside the Fort Myers TV station clinging to a bench with water and wind thrashing all around it. Federico's caption read, "Storm surge is rising rapidly outside WINK News. A kitten is on the bench trying to escape the water. The doors are locked but we're trying to get the kitten inside."

More than an hour passed without an update on the kitten from Federico ... and his followers got PISSED. One Twitter user wrote, "Less filming, more saving. If the water ain’t as high as a bench, you sure as heck can go out there and get that baby." Another said, "bro, save the cat! For the love of god!"Dylan eventually deleted the post -- and the anger on social media continued. Another person wrote, "You may have deleted the video but none of us will ever forgive you. Cowardly, cruel and inhumane." Finally, a couple hours after the video first went up, Federico Tweeted, "Right after the video was posted we attempted to get to the cat but it swam in a different direction out of view. I waited to post an update in hopes we could grab it. Please take your companions with you when you evacuate." What's more, a source with direct knowledge tells us staffers were given strict instructions to stay inside the building as conditions continue to worsen and going outside could prove deadly. Source

Reporter Criticized for Not Rescuing Cat Stranded by Hurricane Ian Surge

A meteorologist based in southwest Florida received backlash on social media after posting a video of a cat surrounded by rushing waters outside his local news building as Hurricane Ian reached landfall.  Dylan Federico, who works for Fort Myers station WINK News, posted a seven-second video to Twitter on Wednesday showing a small, darkly colored cat huddled on top of a bench that appears to be just beyond the building's doors. He said that the doors were "locked but we're trying to get the kitten inside."  Federico has since deleted the original video from his account, but posted an update on the situation later in the day saying that the cat swam away from the building before he and his colleagues could bring it to safety.
"I waited to post an update in hopes we could grab it," wrote Federico. "Please take your companions with you when you evacuate." Despite Federico's insistence that efforts were made to save the endangered animal, some users have called his failure to bring the kitten inside the building "disgusting." Twitter user Kelly wrote in response to Federico's update, "So you didn't save it and just watched it have zero chance of survival.... Good job!"  "You want us to believe that the kitten bravely leaped into that moving water and swam in another direction at Olympic speeds that no one could grab at it?" Twitter user Dara Faye said in a response.  One of Federico's WINK News colleagues, meteorologist Juliana Mejia, also posted a picture of the stranded cat, who appears to look at the direction of the camera when the photo was taken. Mejia has also deleted her picture of the stranded feline.Source

Giorgia Meloni, Telling The World What She Really Thinks Of French President Macron.

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Nord Stream pipeline leaks raise suspicions of sabotage | DW News

This Shocked Even Me.

Second Fall 2022 Explosion! Russia's Nord Stream Gas Pipelines Blows Up!

Gas leak found on blocked Russian pipeline Danish authorities spotted a breach near Bornholm after Nord Stream 1 and 2 lost pressure 

Denmark has observed a gas leak near the island of Bornholm in the Baltic Sea and closed the immediate area for traffic, state media reported on Monday. The discovery comes after the Russo-German Nord Stream 2 pipeline suffered a drastic loss of pressure overnight. “A gas leak is observed at position 54° 52.60'N – 015° 24.60'E,” the Danish Maritime Authority said in a notice to mariners, warning of a “danger to navigation.” Denmark also closed the area in the radius of five nautical miles (9.26 kilometers) around the site, which is just southeast of Bornholm. The location is now under investigation, but it has not yet been confirmed if the leak is behind the sudden drop of pressure in the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, the Danish public broadcaster DR reported.

As of Monday evening, pressure has also dropped in both lines of the older Nord Stream 1, Forbes reported, citing the pipeline operator. The cause of the drop was still under investigation. Nord Stream 1 was built in 2011, enabling Russia to deliver natural gas directly to Germany without having to rely on transit through Ukraine or Poland. Construction on Nord Stream 2 began in 2018, but was hampered by political pressure – and economic sanctions – from the US. The pipeline was finished and pressurized by September 2021. On February 22 – prior to Russia’s military operation in Ukraine – the government in Berlin placed an indefinite hold on the certification of Nord Stream 2. Since then, Germany has categorically refused any suggestion from Moscow – or its own people – to stop blocking the pipeline. Meanwhile, the volume of gas supplied through NS1 has dropped, due to what Moscow said were technical issues made worse by the anti-Russian. Source

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Fifteen Dead In Russia School Shooting: The Izhevsk School Shooter Had A Nazi Symbol On His Shirt

15 dead, 24 wounded in school shooting in Russia

MOSCOW -- A gunman opened fire in a school in central Russia on Monday, killing 15 people and wounding 24 others before shooting himself dead, authorities said. The shooting took place in School No. 88 in Izhevsk, a city 960 kilometers (600 miles) east of Moscow in the Udmurtia region. Russia’s Investigative Committee identified the gunman as 34-year-old Artyom Kazantsev, a graduate of the same school, and said he was wearing a black t-shirt bearing “Nazi symbols.” No details about his motives have been released. The Committee said 15 people, including 11 children, were killed in the shooting, and 24 other people, including 22 children, were wounded in the attack. 

The governor of Udmurtia, Alexander Brechalov, said the gunman, who he said was registered as a patient at a psychiatric facility, killed himself after the attack. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov described the shooting as “a terrorist act” and said Russian President Vladimir Putin has given all the necessary orders to the relevant authorities. “President Putin deeply mourns deaths of people and children in the school, where a terrorist act took place,” Peskov told reporters Monday. The school educates children between grades one and 11. It has been evacuated and the area around it has been cordoned off, the governor said. Russia's National Guard said Kazantsev used two non-lethal handguns adapted to fire real bullets. The guns were not registered with the authorities. A criminal probe into the incident has been launched on charges of multiple murder and illegal possession of firearms. Source

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Royal guard at the Queen's coffin has collapsed.

'I Can't Bear This Bloody Thing': King Charles Gets Frustrated With Leaky Pen

Rapper PnB Rock Shot, Killed At Restaurant In LA

PnB Rock Commented On LA Crime Days Before His Death

Domestic Terrorist Clown Threatens To KILL Democrats And Make Trump PRESIDENT KING

Local man in rainbow wig ‘working to restore Trump to President King of the United States’ arrested 
DELMONT, Pa. — A man in a rainbow wig was arrested in Delmont after he walked into a Dairy Queen with a loaded handgun. According to the Delmont Borough Police Department, someone traveling south on State Route 66 called 911 to report an erratic driver. The caller said they saw the car pull into the parking lot at Dairy Queen and saw a man, dressed in a “bright yellow safety vest and a rainbow wig,” get out of the car with a gun in his hand and walk into the store.The responding officer arrived at the scene less than a minute later and saw the man still inside the store, police said. Several other people were also inside. The man exited the store out of the side door and the officer approached him.Police said the man had a loaded .40-caliber handgun in his pocket, as well as several rounds of loose ammunition. According to police, the man said he was “undercover” and that he was “working to restore Trump to President King of the United States.” He said he was armed to “Kill Democrats and liberals” and to protect himself from “drug traffickers.” He was taken into custody without incident. Police searched his car and found two more loaded handguns, a 9mm and .22 caliber. All three guns and 62 rounds of ammunition were seized. The man is facing felony charges. Source

Police arrest anti-monarchy protesters at royal events in England, Scotland

LONDON — Lawyers and free-speech activists are ringing alarm bells after reports emerged in recent days of police detaining, moving and in some cases even arresting protesters at the events marking the death of Queen Elizabeth II and the accession of her eldest son, Charles. People have been picked up by police as they shouted against the crown, heckled royals marching by and carried anti-monarchists signs — and in one case, a blank sheet of paper. The police crackdown on such protests has raised questions about freedom of speech during this fraught period for the United Kingdom.On Twitter, the hashtag “NotMyKing” — after the slogan featured on the sign of a protester who was led away by police in London in a video Monday — was trending early Tuesday. Lawmakers have called on authorities to respect the rights of those who believe the queen’s death should herald the end of the monarchy. After Queen Elizabeth’s death, Britain faces questions and uncertainty “No one should be arrested for just expressing republican views,” said Zarah Sultana, a member of the opposition Labour Party representing Coventry South in Parliament. “Extraordinary — and shocking — that this needs saying.” Reports of arrests first emerged Sunday, when a document formally proclaiming Charles as king was read aloud in locations across the United Kingdom. In Oxford, Symon Hill, 45, was arrested after he shouted, “Who elected him?” as the proclamation was read. In a blog post describing the incident, Hill claimed police handcuffed him and did not tell him what he was being arrested for.  Source

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QAnon Conspiracy Nut Igor Lanis Murders Wife + Shoots Daughter And Kills Family Dog....

A Michigan man’s obsession with the pro-Trump QAnon conspiracy theory culminated in a Sunday incident in which he murdered his wife and badly injured one of his children, his daughter told The Daily Beast. Igor Lanis, a 53-year-old resident of the Michigan city of Walled Lake, was killed Sunday by police after he started shooting at them with a shotgun, according to the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office. Inside Lanis’ house, police found Lanis’ wife, Tina Lanis, dead after being shot four times with a handgun. Lanis also shot his daughter Rachel, 25, in the back and legs with a shotgun during the attack, but she managed to call police and survived. Lanis also killed the family dog, shooting it multiple times. The sudden violence stunned Lanis’ other daughter, 21-year-old Rebecca Lanis, who was at a friend’s birthday party during the murder. Rebecca Lanis told The Daily Beast that her father became obsessed with QAnon and other conspiracy theories in 2020, consuming huge amounts of online videos and following far-right figures like InfoWars’s Alex Jones. According to his daughter, Igor Lanis was a car designer with no history of violence. She described her parents as once “extremely loving,” but her father changed after Donald Trump lost 2020. “He had a sense of reality,” Rebecca Lanis said. “But then after 2020, when Trump lost, he started going down these crazy rabbit holes.” That year, Lanis became fascinated by QAnon and the idea that Joe Biden stole the election. “It’s a very big contributor to what happened,” Rebecca Lanis said of her father’s QAnon beliefs.

Igor Lanis’ mental health worsened as he became drawn into the conspiracy theories, according to Rebecca Lanis. He insisted that family members watch conspiracy theories videos about the 5G cell towers, vaccines, and the election. He started to believe that some world leaders were in fact alien lizard-people in disguise, a fringe conspiracy theory even among QAnon supporters. Rebecca Lanis said family members tried to pull her father out of his beliefs, but arguing with him was “pointless.” The Walled Lake shootings are just the latest killing tied to QAnon. A California man who allegedly murdered his 10-month-old daughter and 2-year-old son in Mexico told police that his crimes were motivated by QAnon, according to prosecutors. In 2019, a QAnon believer allegedly killed the purported head of the Gambino mafia family in a misguided attempt to bring him to a QAnon tribunal. That suspect was deemed mentally unfit to stand trial. Earlier that year, a Seattle QAnon believer convinced his brother was a lizard person murdered him with a samurai sword. As Igor Lanis became more obsessed with QAnon, Rebecca Lanis tried to research the conspiracy theory on a Reddit forum for people who have lost family members to the movement. On Sunday, she posted there with a message about the murder, writing “Fuck you, Qanon.” Rebecca Lanis said she wants QAnon promoters to be sued for the damage they cause, and hopes the federal government will investigate them. As she waited to talk to her injured sister in the hospital on Monday, Rebecca Lanis said she wanted to warn people that QAnon and other conspiracy theories could affect their loved ones, too. “It could really happen to anybody,” she said. Source

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Summer Suicide Jump: Gustavo Arnal, 52, Bed Bath & Beyond CFO plunges to death at New York's Jenga Tower

I guess jumping out the window is a thing now. It was only Russian oligarchs now its American executives....

So with my Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall Explosions I will add Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall Suicide Jumpers....

Bed Bath & Beyond CFO plunges to death at New York's Jenga tower 
(Reuters) - Bed Bath & Beyond Inc's chief financial officer fell to his death from New York's Tribeca skyscraper known as the "Jenga" tower on Friday afternoon, police said, just days after a lawsuit alleged he was involved in a "pump and dump" scheme. Gustavo Arnal, 52, joined Bed Bath & Beyond in 2020. He previously worked as CFO for cosmetics brand Avon in London and had a 20-year stint with Procter & Gamble, according to his LinkedIn profile. On Friday at 12:30 p.m. ET (1630 GMT), police responded to a 911 call and found a 52-year-old man dead near the building who appeared to have suffered injuries from a fall. Police identified the man as Gustavo Arnal. The police statement did not provide further details on the circumstances leading to Arnal's death and said the New York City Medical Examiner's Office would determine the cause of death. Bed Bath and Beyond confirmed his death in a press statement on Sunday but gave no details. Arnal sold 55,013 shares in Bed Bath & Beyond in multiple transactions on Aug. 16-17, Reuters' calculations showed based on SEC filings. The sales amounted to about $1.4 million, and Arnal still had almost 255,400 shares remaining. 

On Aug. 23, the company, Arnal and major shareholder Ryan Cohen were sued over accusations of artificially inflating the firm's stock price in a "pump and dump" scheme, with the lawsuit alleging Arnal sold off his shares at a higher price after the scheme. The class action lawsuit listed Arnal as one of the defendants and was brought by a group of shareholders who claimed they lost around $1.2 billion. The filing in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia alleged that Arnal "agreed to regulate all insider sales by BBBY's officers and directors to ensure that the market would not be inundated with a large number of BBBY shares at a given time." The lawsuit also alleged that he also issued materially misleading statements to investors. The company did not respond to a request for comment on the lawsuit. The death of the CFO was reported earlier by the New York Post while the lawsuit was reported first by the Daily Mail. The big-box chain - once considered a so-called "category killer" in home and bath goods - has seen its fortunes falter after an attempt to sell more of its own brand, or private-label goods. Last week, Bed Bath & Beyond said it would close 150 stores, cut jobs and overhaul its merchandising strategy in an attempt to turn around its money-losing business. Bed Bath & Beyond forecast a bigger-than-expected 26% slump in same-store sales for the second quarter and said it would retain its buybuy Baby business, which it had put up for sale. Source

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From The Basement Of Ново-Огарёво: Ravil Maganov, The Chairman Of Russia's Second-Largest Oil Poducer Lukoil Jumps Out Hospital Window

Top Russian oil official falls to death from hospital window - sources 

MOSCOW, Sept 1 (Reuters) - Ravil Maganov, the chairman of Russia's second-largest oil producer Lukoil (LKOH.MM), died on Thursday after falling from a hospital window in Moscow, two sources familiar with the situation said, becoming the latest in a series of businessmen to meet with sudden unexplained deaths. The sources confirmed reports by several Russian media that the 67-year-old had plunged to his death, but the circumstances surrounding his fall were unclear.Russian state news agency TASS reported the death as a suicide, citing a law enforcement source. It quoted the source as saying Maganov had been admitted to hospital after suffering a heart attack, and was also taking anti-depressants. Reuters was unable to confirm those details. Three sources told Reuters that, based on their close acquaintance with Maganov, they did not believe he would have killed himself.Another source close to the company said there was a belief inside Lukoil management that he had committed suicide, but the source had not seen evidence or documents to support that. Moscow police referred Reuters questions about the death to the state Investigative Committee, which did not respond to a request for comment. Lukoil is a private company that competes with Russian state energy giant Rosneft (ROSN.MM). It said in a statement that Maganov had "passed away following a serious illness". Source