Saturday, February 1, 2014

85 Billionaires Control All Wealth Of The World - Oppression Of The Poor & Defrauding The Working Man Of His Wages

Undignified Bill Gates

How do 85 godless slobs control all the wealth of the world?

By oppression of the poor
By defrauding the working men of their wages

This blog is the first of its kind to call a thing by its real name.

This blog will not defend capitalism in any form. This blog will not defend godless economic theories of Marx or Belloc or Chesterton or the Austrian school of economics or any modern day economic theory - all the economic theories are godless and do not look to man's final end and do not prepare men for their final end and therefore do not bring man happiness in this life.

The 85 billionaires do not have the best interest of the common good in mind.

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