Monday, October 8, 2018

MN Public School Teacher Samantha Ness: “Who will take one for the team and kill Kavanaugh?”

On Twitter: Teacher Solicits Murder Of Kavanaugh In Enviroment Of Intent, Young Feminist Throws Life Away

Sunday, a public school teacher posted a solicitation for the murder of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, in an atmosphere of intent to harm and destroy America foundations.  Twitter users were quick to grab screenshots, of her postings on Facebook and Twitter before she deleted both accounts and report her to the FBI.  “Who will take one for the team and kill Kavanaugh?” posted Samantha Ness.  What did the pressure to be violent, the pressure of the Feminist Movement to believe lies and the power of brainwashing and Communist organizing agitation from the Democrat party do this young professional American woman?  Source


  1. No wonder there's a Sharpie shortage.

  2. Lovin the faux outrage. Wonder if the author held Mr "grab em by the PUSSY" to the same standard? Multiple instances of inciting violence at his rallies where ACTUAL MOB violence was well documented on video resulting in charges of ACTUAL assault. Even claiming that he will pay the attorney fees if they did his bidding. Of course he never actually lives up to that promise because he's a well documented liar, who actuality admitted to sexually assaulting women. Or his multiple affairs, illegal hush money payments, fraudulently taking money from hard working folks for his in connection with his BS university, money laundering, obstruction of justice, and on and on. Not to forget, he also actively supported an admitted PEDOPHILE for national public office.

    Lastly, he openly supports bigotry and racism claiming that there are "good people" among the American White Supremacist population. And you have the nerve to be supposedly outraged by this onvious joke told by this woman here? Cherry picking doesn't become you. Save us all the crocodile tears ok?

  3. One more thing. Conservatives pushed that baseless "Pizza Gate" conspiracy theory, resulting in a man walking into the referenced pizzeria and opening fire. Terrorising innocent people just doing their job or patronizing the establishment. The double standards and false equivalency scenarios you types proliferate is astounding.

    1. 1 more thing, be quiet. Your existence is a false equivalency.

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  5. It is sad that this young woman has been brainwashed so badly, by the liberal, socialists, that the thought of a conservative justice threatening her ability to murder a child someday, meant in her pychotic mind, that to murder Judge Kavanaugh would free her bondage to sin and massive guilt. Little does she know, the sin she gets away with today, God will hold her to account tomorrow.