Sunday, October 21, 2018

Elin Ersson Going To Jail......Tried To Block MUSLIM Deportation On Flight

Sweden Indicts Woman Who Tried to Block Afghan Man’s Deportation on Flight Video 

STOCKHOLM — Swedish prosecutors have indicted a woman who in July staged a standoff to prevent the deportation of a rejected asylum seeker to Afghanistan by refusing to take her seat on the flight. The woman, Elin Ersson, was a volunteer with an organization that fights the forced return of Afghan asylum seekers whose applications have been rejected. Ms. Ersson, 21, filmed herself in a standoff on July 23 with the cabin crew of a Turkish Airlines flight at Landvetter Airport in Gothenburg. The indictment, issued on Friday in a district court in Gothenburg, said Ms. Ersson had violated the Swedish aviation act by remaining standing when the plane was set to take off. Crimes against the act carry fines or a prison sentence of up to six months on conviction. Source

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