Four Navy Petty Officers Accused Of Barracks Sex Crimes With Under Age Girl

Four Navy Petty Officers Accused Of Barracks Sex Crimes With Under Age Girl 

Four Navy petty officers at a Washington state submarine base are accused of sex crimes involving a child, according to charge sheets and Navy officials. The Sept. 19, 2017, incident allegedly occurred in the barracks of Naval Base Kitsap-Bangor, the main sub base in the Pacific Northwest. The alleged victim was reportedly less than 16-years-old but more than 12 and all the sailors were 3rd class petty officers assigned to submarine commands. Investigators allege that the four sailors discussed having group sex with the girl at a smoke pit and then went to a barracks room where lewd acts occurred “with the door open, and with open recording of the group sex using photography and video equipment,” according to the charge sheets. The Naval Criminal Investigative Service began investigating the allegations after an anonymous tip reached Naval Base Kitsap authorities on Sept. 26, 2017, according to Cmdr. Michael Smith, a spokesman for Submarine Group 9. How the girl got onto base will be determined by an ongoing investigation, NCIS spokesman Ed Buice added. Source


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