Monday, January 15, 2018

Outsourcing Assassinations To India Using H-1B VISAS? Subway Franchisee Bao Lam An His Wife Jenny Lam Are Found Bound And Shot Dead With Their Home Ransacked In Targeted Attack

Indians with  H-1B VISAS are wreaking havoc on America society.....

Subway franchisee and his wife, both 61, are found bound and shot dead with their home ransacked in targeted attack

A Subway franchisee and his wife were found executed in their home, in a gated community in Spring, Texas, on Saturday. Bao and Jenny Lam's adult son Richard called police to conduct a welfare check on his parents this weekend when he hadn't heard from them in two days. Police broke into the two-story home around 9pm and found the couple bound and shot dead on the first floor. The home - located in the gated Northgate Country Club community - was ransacked, with firearms and other items missing. Source 

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