Monday, January 29, 2018

FBI GOONS: FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe Is 'REMOVED' Over FBI Lovers Page & Strzok 50,000 Anti-Trump Texts

FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe is 'REMOVED' from his job as he moves up his plan to retire and goes on 'terminal leave' amid mounting pressure because of anti-Trump lovers' texts

Andrew McCabe, the deputy director at the FBI who President Trump has ridiculed and who Republicans have charged with bias, is stepping down from his position, according to multiple reports. McCabe has been at the center of a furious battle between the the White House and congressional Democrats over the Russia investigation, as Trump blasts the FBI as a biased organization that is out to get him and House Republicans attack the Robert Mueller investigation. McCabe, 49, a career official, is 'stepping aside,' according to NBC's report, but will be allowed to remain on the payroll until mid-March. Fox News reported, citing a source, that he was 'removed' from his post. Sources said McCabe went on 'terminal leave,' meaning essentially taking vacation until his retirement date, and no longer reporting to work at the bureau. Trump has also fumed about political contributions that went to McCabe's wife's campaign. Source

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