Monday, February 8, 2021

Pennsylvania Argument Starts With Blaspheming Of The Holy Name Of Jesus Ends In The Death Of Three: Jeff Spaide Shooting His Neighbours Mr & Mrs Goy

That's one thing they teach you in the US military is how to blaspheme the Holy Name of Jesus

Shooter in snow-shoveling murder-suicide was decorated Navy vet 

The Pennsylvania man caught on video ruthlessly gunning down two neighbors during a snow-shoveling dispute Monday before turning the gun on himself was an engineer and a decorated Navy veteran. 

Jeffrey Allen Spaide, 47, a Wilkes-Barre native, graduated from Wilkes University with a bachelor’s degree in environmental engineering in 2001 and went on to get his master’s degree in water resources and environmental engineering from Villanova University in 2005. 

“Jeff was employed as a licensed engineer for over 20 years,” his obituary reads. “He also served in the United States Navy, working as a shipboard engineering technician.” 

On his LinkedIn page, which identified him as a “professional engineer,” Spaide cited his active-duty status with the Navy from 1993 through 1998. 

Navy officials confirmed Spaide’s service when contacted Friday by The Post. He enlisted in September 1993 and received training in Great Lakes, Illinois. He then served on USS America and USS Nassau, as well as at duty stations in Hampton Roads, Virginia, and Panama City, Florida. His active-duty status ended in May 1998 at a rank of Damage Controlman 2nd Class. 

Spaide received numerous awards and decorations during his military career, according to his service record, including a Navy Achievement Medal, a Meritorious Unit Commendation and two National Defense Service Medals. 

He also received an Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, a NATO Medal and Southwest Asia Service Medal with a Bronze Star, the record shows. 

After leaving the Navy, Spaide continued his military service with the Army National Guard and Navy Reserve as a “heavy equipment operator,” according to his obituary.  Source

Shooter: "Scummy mother fucker, Jesus Christ"
Mr. Goy: "Who - Who me?"
Mrs. Goy: "Who you?"
Shooter: "Yeah!"
Mrs. Goy: "You.."
??Mr. Goy: "Get the (inaudible) (**Shovel something??**)
Shooter: "What?"
Mrs. Goy: "You know what?..."
Mr. Goy: "Go ahead you mother fucker"
Mrs. Goy: "...Look it do you know what? This is bullshit, he has been"
Mr. Goy: "You want to call me scummy mother fucker I will knock your head off your shoes"
Shooter: "Mother Fucker"
Mr. Goy: "You go fuck yourself you fucking queer. Call me a scummy mother fucker, step out here i'll knock your ass out"
Shooter: "Mother Fucker"
Mr. Goy: "Fuck You"
Shooter: "Fuck you, you fucking scum"
Mr. Goy: "I will make your life hell a living here living here dickhead"
Shooter: "What?"
Mr. Goy: "You heard me"
Shooter: "Fuck you, you fucking scum"
Mr. Goy: "You would probably... (inaudible)"
Mrs. Goy: "Your the fucking scumbag, you don't fucking bother with nobody"
Mr. Goy: "Oh no, hes got (**a gun everybody??** this repeats)
Shooter: "(**Republicans??**) are all fucking scum"
Mr. Goy: "You're a pussy"
Shooter: "Fuck you"
Mr. Goy: "Pussy, pussy, pussy"
Mr. Goy: "Put your gun down" (attempting to have a fist fight #1)
Mrs. Goy: "Go ahead, go ahead, go ahead, go ahead"
Mr. Goy: "Put your gun down" (attempting to have a fist fight #2)
Mrs. Goy: "On video"
Mrs. Goy: "You fucker you"
Mr. Goy: "Call the cops, he shot me"
Mrs. Goy: "You fucker"
Mr. Goy: "Call the cops, he shot me"
Mrs. Goy: "You fucker you"
(Teenagers show up "Are you okay?" JIMMY JIMMY OMG)
Shooter: "You should have kept your fucking mouth shut"
Shooter: "Pussy huh?"

To make reparation for blasphemies against the Holy Name please Pray the JESUS PSALTER found here

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