Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Multiple FBI Agents Shot, At Least One Dead, In Florida Child Porn Raid

FBI agents shot, at least one dead, in Florida child porn raid 

At least one FBI agent is dead and at least four are injured in Sunrise, Florida, according to local media. The agents were attempting to serve a warrant on a suspect for child pornography possession, when he opened fire on them. Sunrise Police warned residents of Nob Hill Road to remain in their homes on Tuesday morning, after a raid on a suspect’s home went disastrously wrong. Law enforcement sources told the Miami Herald that at least five FBI agents were shot as they attempted to serve a warrant on a suspect for possession of child pornography. The suspect killed one agent and “gravely wounded” two, the Herald’s report stated, adding that a second agent may have also been killed. The FBI has not yet confirmed any details of the shooting. Source

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