Wednesday, February 10, 2021

BLM Members Terrorize NYC: Increase In NYC Public Transit Attacks


Bronx woman tells of her terror at being shoved into the path of an oncoming train as New York City sees five subway slashings and a bus driver assault in a week 

A Bronx woman was shoved onto the subway tracks by a stranger on Tuesday morning in a terrifying attack, amid a frightening surge of violence on New York City's public transport system. Five people have been slashed with blades in just the past week, and two - including Rosa Galeas, 54, were attacked while traveling. Galeas, who works as a house cleaner, was on her way to work and had just got off the subway shortly before 8am when she was accosted, she told The New York Post. A woman wearing bright yellow pants and a short jacket unexpectedly came up behind her, and pushed her once. Galeas kept her balance, but then the woman shoved her a second time, sending her falling onto the tracks. 'She didn't say anything,' Galeas said. 'She just pushed me.' Source

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