Sunday, February 7, 2021

Effects Of Biden's Years Of Sacrilegious Communions: Biden Claims America Can Avoid 'Conflict' With China....

'I'm not gonna do it the way Trump did': Biden outlines his China strategy and says America can avoid 'conflict' with the Asian nation 

President Joe Biden signaled he is looking to reset U.S.-China policy from the Trump administration, saying the two nations can avoid a conflict, even as he claimed Chinese President Xi Jinping is lacking a democratic ‘bone in his body.’ Biden said he didn't mean the line as criticism – but he leveled as his administration began to press China on Hong Kong, its handling of Tibet, and its treatment of Uighurs on its western frontier. Biden acknowledged in an interview with CBS that Xi, who consolidated power in 2018 when the National People's Congress removed term limits and effectively made him president 'for life,' is no democrat.But he sought to hold out at least the potential that the U.S. and China could get on a more cooperative footing, even as the two nations clash on trade and China’s ambitions as a rival global power. Source

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