Wednesday, February 14, 2018

BOONEVILLE BULLY: Sodomite Star Footballer Beats Up Mentally Challenged Kid

Why are most star Football players bullies & Sodomites?

WATCH: Police Investigate Booneville High School Fight Video 

BOONEVILLE (KFSM) -- Police are investigating a fight between two Booneville High School students. The fight happened about two weeks ago off school property in a field on East Ivy Street, according to interim superintendent Scotty Pierce. A family member of one of the boys in the video said they will be pressing charges and are upset with what has happened. "Bullying needs to stop, and everyone involved in this needs to have consequences because nobody stopped the fight knowing my brother was getting kicked pretty bad," the victim's sister said. Those with the Booneville School District released a comment stating, "In regards to the fighting video on Facebook: Both students are high school students here at Booneville. This did not happen on school grounds. Both parents of the minor students have been notified and it is being investigated by the proper authorities. Thank you to those that notified us. Feel free to share this info." The interim superintendent of the school district said that the principal told parents two weeks ago when the matter happened. Booneville police said they have the video and are investigating the fight. Source

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