Wednesday, October 11, 2017

JEW WEINSTEIN Pleasuring Himself Into A Potted Plant In Front Of Trapped Lauren Sivan

A female New York City TV journalist was cornered by Harvey Weinstein in the hallway of a restaurant as he masturbated back in 2007, according to a report Friday — the latest in series of sexual harassment allegations coming out this week against the Hollywood producer. Lauren Sivan, who was a news anchor at the time, told the Huffington Post about the encounter at Cafe Socialista, where Weinstein was an investor.According to Sivan, during a tour of the New York City restaurant Weinstein, stopped in a hallway and tried to kiss her. She stopped him and said she had a boyfriend, after which Weinstein told her, "Well, can you just stand there and shut up." He then exposed himself and proceeded to masturbate into a potted plant as she was stuck between him and the bathrooms. Weinstein then zipped up his pants and walked into the kitchen. Source


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    1. not very green friendly...probably killed the potted plant....

  2. the mind of the kike is truly disturbed, sexually deviant, subversive, evil children of cain