Thursday, October 26, 2017

Another Fornicating Jew In Trouble: Artforum Magazine Publisher Knight Landesman Likes To Rape The Ladies...


Another one:

Women Accuse Knight Landesman, Art World Mainstay, of Sexual Harassment

Knight Landesman, a longtime publisher of Artforum magazine and a power broker in the art world, resigned on Wednesday afternoon, hours after a lawsuit was filed in New York accusing him of sexually harassing at least nine women in episodes that stretched back almost a decade. In a prepared statement, the magazine’s three other publishers said that Mr. Landesman had “engaged in unacceptable behavior and caused a hostile work environment.” “We will do everything in our ability to bring our workplace in line with our editorial mission, and we will use this opportunity to transform Artforum into a place of transparency, equity, and with zero tolerance for sexual harassment of any kind,” the statement said. Source

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