Thursday, October 26, 2017

Another Fornicating NYC JEW In Trouble: Oscar-Winning Director OLIVER STONE Likes To Rape The Ladies!


Quick! How many times does the Atheistic JEW Stone abuse the Holy Name of Jesus in his movies?

1. 10,000x
2. 10,000x
3. 10,000x
4. None

Answer: He wouldn't be a godless JEW if he didn't blaspheme the Holy Name of Jesus at least the required 10,000 times!.

Former Playboy Playmate Carrie Stevens accuses Oliver Stone of sexual assault after director defends Harvey Weinstein

While Oliver Stone defended Harvey Weinstein amid more than a dozen allegations of sexual harassment and assault, a former Playboy Playmate accused the “Platoon” director of sexual assault. Carrie Stevens, who was best known as Playboy’s Playmate of the Month in June 1997 but also had several small movie and TV roles, claimed Thursday that Stone had grabbed her breast at a party. The 48-year-old model told the Daily News that she was at a party at producer Ted Field's home in honor of Stone more than 20 years ago when Stone walked up to her standing by the front door. "He was really cocky, had this big grin on his face like he was going to get away with something," Stevens, who was 22 at the time, told The News. Source

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