Sunday, April 9, 2017

Why Copts Were Murdered On Palm Sunday: External Sacrifice Of The Mass & Internal Sacrifice Is The Only Way To Bring About TRUE Peace With God And Maintains PEACE Between Men

No True Visible Sacrifice + No True Internal Sacrifice = No True Peace

Egypt: attacks on Coptic churches in Tanta, Alexandria
(Vatican Radio) Egypt’s Christian community was the target of a pair of terror attacks in different cities on Sunday, in which dozens of people were killed and scores of others injured. In Alexandria, an explosion outside St Mark’s cathedral killed 11 people. Pope Tawadros II had been attending Mass inside, though he was unhurt. An earlier blast at St George’s church in Tanta in the Nile Delta north of Cairo killed more than two dozen people. The so-called Islamic State has claimed responsibility for both attacks.  Source

Pope Francis condemns Cairo terror attack on Coptic church
(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis condemned the terror attack on a Coptic church dedicated to St. George – Mar Girgis – in the city of Tanta, north of Cairo, which killed upward of two dozen people and injured nearly 60 others. “[W]e pray for the victims claimed this [Sunday] morning,” Pope Francis said in remarks to the faithful gathered in St. Peter’s Square to pray the Angelus with him following Palm Sunday Mass, during which news of the attack - the first of two on Coptic targets Sunday, occurred. “To my dear brother, His Holiness Pope Tawadros II,” Pope Francis continued, “to the Coptic Church and to all the dear Egyptian nation I express my deep condolences. I pray for the dead and the injured, and I am close in spirit to the family members [of the deceased and injured] and to the entire community.” Pope Francis went on to pray, “May the Lord convert the hearts of the people who are sowing terror, violence and death, and also the hearts of those who make and traffic weapons.” Pope Francis is scheduled to visit Cairo at the end of this month. Source

Copts are on the losing end.

The Copts are heretics. 

The Copts do not have the True External Sacrifice to offer to God to bring about True Peace with God.

The Copts are heretics who do not have the correct doctrine to have a True Internal Sacrifice

Both are missing:

No True Visible Sacrifice.
No True Internal Sacrifice.

Copts lack True Peace with God.

Copts lack True Peace with themselves and with men.

Here read this written 400 years ago:

The necessity of visible Sacrifice, and the end, or cause why it was instituted, and used.

Two things, have always been much recommended by God, and highly esteemed by men of all sect, and sorts, who firmly believed that there was a God who extended his providence over mankind; first the honor of God, and peace with him; and secondly unity, peace and society amongst themselves. And these two, have always been, chiefly maintained amongst men, by a particular, visible Sacrifice, first offered unto Go upon an Altar, as a scared sign of the invisible Sacrifice of their hearts unto him; and after eaten, or communicated amongst themselves. By offering visible Sacrifice upon an Altar unto God, they solemnly protected the sacrifice of their hearts unto him, publicly adored him with the honor of Latria, or divine worship, which is due only unto him; and visibly made profession of peace, unity, and society with him, and amongst themselves: and by eating of the same Sacrifice, which had been offered unto God, they ratified and established the same peace, and unity, as partakers of that meat, with they had offered unto God for a sacred sign of common union, as generally manifest by experience, in all sects, and sorts of people, of former ages, who firmly believed, there was a God, and that his Providence was not wanting in the government of mankind.  Anonymus Eremita 1637

You want True Peace?

Restore the True Sacrifice

Restore The Divinely Ordained Authority Of The Holy Roman Emperor

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