Thursday, March 7, 2019

San Diego: Sadistic Black Mailman Caught Dousing Little Dog In PEPPER SPRAY Everyday...

Shocking video shows seven-year-old rescue dog Pupa writhing in pain after his owner found out their postman was regularly dousing him in PEPPER SPRAY 

A California family was left 'heartbroken' after shocking security footage showed their postman routinely dousing their rescue dog with pepper spray. Owner Alfonso Galindo installed security cameras on the exterior of his San Diego home after he was left baffled by strange stain pattern that kept emerging on the ground of his front-yard for months. However, the father-of-two was left 'heartbroken' when he reviewed footage from last Tuesday and saw his family's beloved seven-year-old rescue dog, Pupa, writhing around in pain as a postman approaches his San Diego home. On closer inspection, Galindo noticed the postman appeared to spray something from a canister at the poodle-mix's face, as he barks excitably from behind a secure gate. Source

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