Sunday, February 10, 2019

Nationwide Manhunt For Armed And Dangerous Lawyer Richard Merritt, 44, Stabbs Mother To Death

Nationwide manhunt for 'armed and dangerous' corrupt lawyer who 'stabbed his mother to death' and could be seeking revenge on defrauded clients

Police have launched a nationwide search for an ex-lawyer who allegedly removed his ankle tracker and murdered his mother, after failing to surrender himself for a 30-year sentence. Richard Merritt, 44, was sentenced the one-and-a-half decades behind bars and another 15 on probation last month, after he was found guilty of stealing from and exploiting 17 of his clients. Given a week to 'get his affairs in order', Merritt never appeared at the County Cobb jail in Georgia to begin his sentence on February 1. US Marshalls headed to a Stone Mountain home to detain the disgraced lawyer but found his mother, Shirley Merritt, dead at the bottom of the stairs. Source

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