Democrats The Party Of The KKK

Virginia's late-abortion supporting Democrat governor Ralph Northam admits he WAS was one of two men who donned blackface and KKK robe for medical school yearbook photo - but refuses to resign

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam is refusing to resign after it was revealed that he was one of two men who posed for a yearbook photo, one wearing blackface and another in a KKK robe and hood, while in medical school. The Democrat confirmed in an apology on Friday that he had appeared in the photo in the 1984 yearbook from Eastern Virginia Medical School, but vowed to serve his full term in office. He apologized for appearing in a 'racist and offensive' costume, but did not specify which of the two men in the photo was him. Northam, a pediatric neurologist who graduated from the medical school in Norfolk, Virginia in 1984, caused outrage this week when he suggested that a pregnancy could be terminated during the baby's birth. Northam made the shocking remarks in an interview with WTOP-FM on Wednesday, when he was asked the debate in the state legislature over a bill that would relax restrictions on third trimester abortions. Source


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