Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Elementary School Students in the North Penn School District Were Forced To Partake In An Exercise, Commonly Referred To As A “Privilege Walk,”

It's easy. We all line up across the gym, and you take 1 step forward every time you hear one of you 'privileges' called out.

1. Do you pack a lunch from home?
2. Is English your first language?
3. Have your mom or dad ever told you that you were 'smart' or 'attractive'?
4. Is it expected that you will go to collge?
5. When you go to a mainstream store, can you easily buy a band-aid that matches your skin tone?
6. You never went hungry or skipped a meal because there was no money for food.
7. Is you mom married to your dad?
8. Do you live in a house?
9. Does your family own a vehicle?
10. More than one vehicle?
11. Do you have your own bedroom?
12. Do you have a cell phone?
13. Do you a new I-phone or Android smart phone?
14. Does you family have the internet?
15. Do you have a computer the school didn't give you?

At the end of the exercise, students were asked to reflect on their supposed privileges and analyze the perspective of their supposedly less fortunate peers.

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