Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Did Chinese Colleague At Stowers Institute Murder Camila Behrensen And Pablo Guzmán Palma? Was The Hit Ordered By The Chinese Government?

PABLO GUZMÁN PALMA (Gibson Lab) & Camila Behrensen (SI Lab) 

The Chinese Government ordered the hit on the two Predoctoral Researchers?

Both were tortured for information then the apartment set ablaze to hide evidence......

Or the two caught a colleague doing something that they should not have been doing...

Or just a love triangle gone bad...(probably how the Media will spin it)

This could blow up into an International Incident....

China versus the USA, Argentina, Chile and Vatican......

Police use Amazon Alexa device for clues after the murder of two South American scientists were shot before their apartment was set on fire near the Kansas City biomedical research center where they worked

Two South American researchers who were discovered dead at a fire in a Kansas City apartment were killed before the blaze was started, investigators say, and police are banking on an Alexa device to help them solve the murders. Kansas City police identified the victims at an apartment near the biomedical research center where they worked as Camila Behrensen, 24, of Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Pablo Guzmán Palma, 25, of Santiago, Chile. Behrensen and Palma were suffering from what police described as 'apparent trauma' when fire crews responded Saturday morning and extinguished the blaze. Both were declared dead at the scene. The Stowers Institute for Medical Research said in a tweet Tuesday that both Behrensen and Palma were predoctoral researchers there. Detectives believe that the murderer spent 'considerable amount of time' at the site before the bodies were found, 'based on physical evidence at the scene' and hope an Alexa device might have captured audio of the crimes being committed. They obtained a search warrant for the device found in the apartment on Saturday. They hope that Amazon's home assistant device will have recorded conversations between the killer and the victims that will help them crack the case.Detectives further believe there may have been verbal communication between the two victims and the suspect during the commission of the homicides,' the investigator added, according to the Kansas City Star. The warrant was granted Sunday. Source

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