Sunday, October 2, 2022

Blacks Worship The N-Word And Blaspheme The Holy Name Of Jesus 24/7

Latest nonsense  from the Blacks:

George Washington University human rights professor who's ex-CIA analyst is canceled after enraging class by asking why he can't use the n-word, then insisting it's offensive in rap songs too

In an audio recording of a classroom discussion from September, Stoil could be heard telling his class how the school's vice provost was 'horrified' by his use of the n-word in a phone call where they were discussing his belief that the word should never be used.

'I used the N-word, and she was horrified,' Stoil told his classroom, according to The Hatchet. 'She says 'Oh my God, I felt that viscerally. It ran right through me, you used the N-word.' I said 'You don't listen to hip hop? You don't listen to some of the street music? They use it all the time.'

'Yeah, but they're black people,' a student could be heard responding, while others agreed.

'Ok, I'm Eurasian,' Stoil said. 'Where do I fit in? Can we use it too?'

'No,' students replied.

'You're right, but the point is I didn't imagine that she would feel pain from the use of the N-word simply because, by the way, she didn't know what color I was,' Stoil said. 'This was on the telephone. I guess I don't sound Black. Does Barack Obama sound Black?' Source

Now go and destroy each other.....

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