Monday, April 26, 2021

On Video: Loveland Police Officers Austin Hopp and Daria Jalali LAUGH And Fist Bump Over Breaking Arm And Dislocating Shoulder Of 72 Year Old Dementia-Suffering Woman

They let cities burn
They let Blacks riot and loot
They cover up for Muslim Terrorists...

Shocking new video shows two Colorado cops under investigation for their violent arrest of an elderly women with dementia laughing and cheering - and giving each other a fist bump - as they watched body-camera footage of the altercation hours later. They were celebrating all while the 73-year-old woman was suffering in a jail cell, the photos reveal - disheveled and seeming to lose consciousness several times. Loveland Police Officers Austin Hopp and Daria Jalali arrested Karen Garner on June 26, 2020, after she left Walmart without paying for a candy bar, a can of Pepsi and a t-shirt totaling $13.38. The store later confirmed it had recovered the items and hadn't lost any money. City officials haven't apologized to the woman or her family, according to the Loveland Reporter-Herald. The footage of the arrest went viral on social media after its release earlier the month in the wake of a new lawsuit against the department. The suit says during the first hour Garner was in custody, she said: 'They hurt my shoulders' 22 times and 'They hurt my wrists' 13 times. She wasn't given any medical treatment. Source

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