Sunday, January 10, 2021

U.S. Capitol Police Officer Howard Leibengood Commits Suicide: Invloved In the Shooting Death Of US Veteran Ashli Babbitt?


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Days after the protest within the U.S. Capitol building where one police officer was murdered and an unarmed California woman involved in the riot inside the building was shot by Capitol police officers, another Capitol police officer has reportedly committed suicide. Today, the department announced 51-year-old Howard Leibengood has died in an unrelated off-duty death. It is not clear what involvement if any Leibengold had during Wednesday’s unrest. Some media outlets are linking Leigbengood’s death to the uprising in the capital last week, but the U.S. Capitol Police Department denied those allegations, saying his death was an “off-duty death”. Source

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