Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Muslims Set Off Bomb In Madrid - Several Dead

"We are trying to locate a volunteer who works with us."   

The missing volunteer.....where have I heard that one before?    

Of course a gas explosion.

Occurred on the top three floors?

Madrid explosion: Huge blast destroys 3 storeys of 'OAP home' with casualties confirmed 

A large explosion has destroyed much of a building said to be a home for the elderly in Madrid, with people urged to stay away from the scene. There are fears at least one person may be trapped inside and police have confirmed there are casualties. Reuters reports one building collapsed in the central Madrid explosion, with smoke coming out of the building and rescue workers evacuating elderly people from a nearby nursing home. Several floors of the building in the capital’s Toledo Street have been affected by the blast. The cause has not yet been revealed although initial reports said it could be a gas explosion.The building is understood to be next to a school where there are no reports of any casualties. Police and firefighters are among the emergency services that have rushed to the scene. Madrid's civil protection team tweeted: "Ongoing incident in the area of #PuertodeToledo. Please avoid the area and clear the way to emergency resources...will be informed if specific recommendations are necessary."  Source

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