Thursday, January 28, 2021

Aristotle Was Right! Slaves & Women Have A Good Time Under Tyrannies & Democracies: White House Press Briefing Is Nearly All Women

Again, the evil practices of the last and worst form of democracy are all found in tyrannies. Such are the power given to women in their families in the hope that they will inform against their husbands, and the license which is allowed to slaves in order that they may betray their masters; for slaves and women do not conspire against tyrants; and they are of course friendly to tyrannies and also to democracies, since under them they have a good time. For the people too would fain be a monarch, and therefore by them, as well as by the tyrant, the flatterer is held in honor; in democracies he is the demagogue; and the tyrant also has those who associate with him in a humble spirit, which is a work of flattery. Aristotle Politics Bk 4 part xi

White House press briefing is nearly all women  

Thursday's White House press briefing was a woman-dominated event, Twitter users were quick to note. The briefing, led by new White House press secretary Jen Psaki, featured an almost entirely female cast of characters. Washington Post White House reporter Matt Viser tweeted that 20 minutes into the briefing, eight questions had been asked by reporters, all of whom were female. Rob Crilly, a White House correspondent for the Washington Examiner, noted that he was the only male journalist who was seated in the area of the briefing room most visible on camera. "I'm the only male journalist with a briefing room seat today so I figured I would make an effort," he joked, tweeting out a photo of himself looking attentive.In recent weeks, many major news outlets have positioned women to lead their coverage of the new Biden administration. ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN all now have female chief White House correspondents — a notable deviation from the typically male-dominated position. Source

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