Thursday, December 14, 2017

TD Canada Trust CEO Hindu Bharat Masrani Shamed Into Releasing Family's $846K Inheritance After CBC News Report Surfaced

TD Canada Trust has apologized to an Ontario family and released more than $846,000, hours after CBC News reported that their original bank draft had been lost by UPS. "We understand that we've reached a resolution with our customer," bank spokeswoman Cheryl Ficker told CBC News via email. "It's clear to us we didn't get this right along the way and that there was more we could have done to come to a resolution faster." Lorette Taylor confirmed the new bank draft is with her family's lawyer. "It looks like the matter will be settled," she said. Taylor and her husband John had been involved in a lengthy, three-way David vs. Goliaths battle after courier company UPS lost the first draft worth and TD — which had issued it — appeared to be in no rush to issue a new one. "It was a total surprise" Lorette said earlier this week about the ordeal. "Never in my wildest imagination did I think something like this would happen." She and John said they were at their wit's end trying to recover the money. Source

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