Monday, October 4, 2021

Parents Delay Infant's Baptism By 640 Days Then All Perish In Plane Crash On Day Of Baptism: Romanian Billionaire Dan Petrescu And Family Killed


If anyone says that baptism is … not necessary unto salvation, let him be anathema (Trent, Session 7, Canon 5 under Baptism).

If anyone asserts, that the prevarication of Adam injured himself alone, and not his posterity; and that the holiness and justice, received of God, which he lost, he lost for himself alone, and not for us also; or that he, being defiled by the sin of disobedience, has only transfused death, and pains of the body, into the whole human race, but not sin also, which is the death of the soul; let him be anathema (Trent, Session 5, Decree on Original Sin, 2).

If any one denies, that infants, newly born from their mothers’ wombs, even though they be sprung from baptized parents, are to be baptized; or says that they are baptized indeed for the remission of sins, but that they derive nothing of original sin from Adam, which has need of being expiated by the laver of regeneration for the obtaining life everlasting … let him be anathema (Trent, Session 5, Decree Concerning Original Sin, 4). Source

Victims of Milan air crash that killed all eight on board including Romanian billionaire, his family and friends and their baby who had just been baptised 

The crash of a light aircraft piloted by Romanian billionaire Dan Petrescu near Milan on Sunday has resulted in the deaths of everyone aboard, including a baby who had just been baptised. Petrescu, his wife and his son were all killed, along with 32-year-old Italian native Filippo Nascimbene, his wife and their baby son Rafael whose baptism on Sunday morning had brought the group together just hours before the crash. The single engine Pilatus PC-12 had taken off from Milan's Linate airport shortly after 1:00pm local time and was headed for Olbia in the north of the Italian island of Sardinia. The plane crashed just a few minutes later in San Donato Milanese just southeast of Milan and was already in flames before it crashed according to witnesses. Petrescu, 68, one of Romania's richest men, headed a major construction firm and owned a string of hypermarkets and malls. His 65-year-old wife Dorotea Petrescu Balzat, who also had French nationality, and their son Dan Stefano, 30, were killed in the crash. Meanwhile, Corriere della Sera newspaper reported that Filippo Nascimbene, a 32-year old Italian from Pavia, was killed along with his wife Claire Stephanie Caroline and their baby son Rafael, despite Milanese Prosecutor Tiziana Siciliano initially claiming that only foreigners had died. The family were sharing the plane as Dan Stefano Petrescu had attended the baptism of baby Rafael - son of his friend Filippo - who was born in January 2020. Miruna Anca Wanda Lozinschi, a Romanian citizen and mother of Claire Stephanie Caroline was also aboard the plane. The plane's black box has been recovered and aviation agency ANSV is now conducting an investigation into the crash. Source

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