Sunday, October 3, 2021

Curly Haired Sodomite Shaun Runyon Goes On A Killing Spree: Murders Three Coworkers With Louisville Slugger

Killed Three and Gay As Hell....

Electrician kills three coworkers after argument with boss 

One angry argument allegedly sparked a murderous rage for an electrician in Florida who fatally beat three coworkers, according to reports. The fuse for the terrifying spree was apparently lit on Friday, when Shaun Runyon, 39, argued with his boss at a job site, slugging the superior before running, authorities said. Runyon worked for a Pennsylvania-based company to help build a new grocery store in Davenport, Fla., and was sharing a home with colleagues at the time, police said. After he punched his boss and ran, Runyon turned up at the house where he was staying — and began killing, the Polk County Sheriff said. Runyon allegedly used a baseball bat and a knife, beating one person to death as they slept, Sheriff Grady Judd said Saturday. “He stabbed and beat people inside the residence,” said Judd, noting there were seven people inside at the time. Source

Always avoid those houses that have those gay pride windsocks.....learned my lesson back in 1985...oh yeah and any guy who answers the door with very dark masquara in 1985...yeah avoid those as well..

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