Monday, July 1, 2019

Boeing Engineer Turned Bank Robber: Anthony Hathaway Lynnwood Pulled Off 30 Bank Robberies In A Year

How a back injury saw a Boeing designer on $100,000 slip into opioid addiction and become the 'Cyborg Bandit' - one of the FBI's most wanted - after losing his job and robbing 30 banks in just one year

A masked bank robber known as the 'Cyborg Bandit' was a former Boeing engineer who spiralled into a life of crime after becoming addicted to opiods following a back injury. Heroin addict Anthony Hathaway, who grew up in Lynnwood, Washington, pulled off 30 bank robberies in a year and was one of Washington's most wanted men. But the crook, who made $73,628 in tax-free cash, was arrested by armed FBI officers in February 2014 after a heroin-fuelled heist in Seattle proved one too many. Hathaway was hired as a technical designer by Boeing aged 20 despite having just a high school diploma. He went to work at the company's factory in Everett - the largest building in the world. After a decade, he was made an engineer, then lead for galleys on the 747-8 Intercontinental - the only one who did not have a college degree, he said. Hathaway flew across the world in business class designing the galleys and by the 2000s he earned over $100,000 a year. But he ruptured a disk in his back - which he thinks happened after a roller-hockey game in Everett's parking lot - and was prescribed OxyContin by his doctor in 2005. Source

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