Wednesday, November 8, 2017

First & Last MILO Column At Daily Caller - A Round Of Applause For Kevin Spacey

Happy belated Halloween – the only night of the year 14-year-olds willingly show up to Kevin Spacey’s house. As I write to you, more traumatized young men are spilling their guts to journalists about being fondled or seduced by Spacey. “I would call him a pedophile and a sexual predator,” says a man who has come forward to describe a sexual relationship he had with Spacey when he was just 14 – which ended, he says, with Spacey trying to rape him.

I’m as disgusted as you are by Kevin Spacey’s transparent attempt to cloak himself in gay privilege as a way of distracting us from allegations he tried to fuck a child. This is why identity politics is so poisonous: it seeks to establish separate rules for separate groups based on perceived, or more often simply imaginary, victimhood. Gay people should be held to the same standards as everyone else.

The purpose of the Left’s categorization of us all into marginalized identities is to establish separate standards of behavior for everyone. If you read left-wing blogs you’d be forgiven for thinking that gay people are perfect paragons of upstanding moral rectitude and the worst thing a black person has done in the last 50 years is break wind at the DMV. The rest of us know better: we know people are messy and complicated, and that just because someone is a paraplegic lesbian Muslim DREAMer, it’s also possible for her to be a total prick. It might even be – whisper it – more likely!

I’m gay. I have been very drunk. It never made me want to touch kids. Kevin Spacey is a disgrace to faggots – and I say this as someone whose gay card has been ripped up, spat upon, set on fire and then put out with piss repeatedly. But whatever his crimes – and I hope he pays for them in the most obscenely painful ways imaginable at the hands of LeRoy from Cell Block E – Spacey has inadvertently done the conservative cause a massive service this week. Because his cack-handed damage control has permanently devastated identity politics.

Those of us belonging to so-called victimhood groups but whose politics align more closely with the Republican Party have known for some time that identity politics have never been applied agnostically. Specifically, the Left can’t stick by their own rules when a woman, a black guy or a fag does the unthinkable and expresses libertarian or right-wing political positions. Or says something nuanced about sex.

This is a subject close to my heart. I will always reserve the right to make light of my own experiences at the hands of a Catholic priest in England. I won’t allow witch-hunts from Left or Right to silence my voice on this or any other subject. I also know I only have myself to blame for controversy when I speak loosely about serious stuff. But consider how differently the media treats the sins of left-wing celebrities.

ABC News’s original summary of the allegations against Spacey was that the actor had “come out” in an “emotional tweet.” In other words, Spacey was blithely excused for something he did, because he’s gay and left-wing. I, on the other hand, was viciously attacked for speaking about something that happened to me, because I’m gay and right-wing. Identity politics has always made exceptions for wrong-thinkers.

It’s preposterous, and everyone knows it, when a leftist says “black people can’t be racist.” But not until the Spacey affair did we have such a persuasive case against identity politics outside of race. Put him in the chair, as far as I’m concerned. But let’s not forget what a blow this is to the identitarians of the Left.


Once upon a time, a teacher might be fired for being gay. These days you’re more likely to be fired for being straight. The Washington Post reveals that a black lesbian called Camille LeNoir – her real name, probably – lost a job offer after coming out as straight. New Mexico State University told her to delete a video, in which she said homosexuality was “not worth losing your soul over,” if she ever wanted to work in college basketball. LeNoir, 31, is suing. Since she’s now a former lesbian, LeNoir deserves a properly full-throated defense. Women’s basketball is 98 per cent lesbian, per Stanford player Candice Wiggins, so LeNoir should be grateful for her excommunication. The locker room stench must be ungodly enough on its own.


Imagine you’re a right-wing comedy writer. You come up with a scenario in which a Muslim immigrant, here in the United States on something called a “diversity visa” (I know it’s a bit rich, but bear with me) steals a Home Depot truck and kills 8 people. A school bus is hit. He yells “Allahu akhbar” while committing this act of ISIS-inspired terrorism, which CNN promptly explains is uttered “under the most beautiful of circumstances.” A guy at his mosque says he “totally gets” why the guy did it. The Left-wing press nods along sympathetically to his incoherent criticisms of the Bush administration, and publishes stories warning against “islamophobia.” His wife claims she is “shocked and horrified and scared and sad” and people believe her. You know what, never mind. It’s too implausible.


This week I have been accused of causing “pain and divisiveness.” I should hope so. A terminal disease in contemporary American culture is niceness. Appropriateness and earnestness are this country’s cardinal sins. For three decades, conservatives have been scolded, reprimanded, backed into toothless, diluted positions, robbed of their effectiveness and browbeaten out of their zeal by language-policers demanding “civilized discourse.” Well. Daddy Trump did not win the presidency through gingerliness – nor did I amass millions of fans by being scrupulously conciliatory. The progressive Left is dedicated to the annihilation of America and every surviving libertarian and conservative person in it. The Left’s gratuitous vandalism of American institutions and its hostility to the principles that have made this country great cannot be fought with essays in magazines. The Left can only win by forcing us onto the uneven playing field of political correctness and constructive dialogue. I choose war.


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