Monday, December 12, 2016

CHINA: 21st Century Media's General Manager, Liu Jiandong Plunges To His Death!

On the job less than a year?

Senior Chinese newspaper manager falls to his death
The general manager of a major Chinese newspaper group that has been in trouble with the government for blackmail and corruption fell to his death on Monday, the newspaper said. The 21st Century Business Herald carried a short statement on its official microblog from publisher 21st Century Media Ltd saying 21st Century Media's general manager, Liu Jiandong, had fallen from a building and died despite efforts to save him. Liu took up his job in January 2015, which he was dedicated to, and was "upright and honest", the paper said, adding an investigation was going on. Calls to the newspaper seeking further comment went unanswered. Police in the southern city of Guangzhou, where the newspaper is based, said it had responded to a call about a man falling from an office building. Police only identified him by his family name, Liu, and said he was a company general manager. They added that "at the moment" there was no suspicion of murder.....

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