Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Was Muslim Terrorist AHMAD AL-ISSA Radicalized At Islamic Center of Boulder (ICB)


Islamic Center of Boulder (ICB) 

Address: 5495 Baseline Rd, Boulder, CO 80303

Above address just in case the FBI doesn't know that there is a Mosque in Boulder.

There are several Mosques in Denver. Again, in case the FBI is unaware.

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  1. There are in Islamic Sharia Law and order defined for almost every religion in the society and Islam’s law steps ahead from those in delivering solution rather advising not to commit bad deeds, likewise sharia laws bestow solution and recommend how crimes can be minimized. However, those who disobey all these rules will be strictly punished without any delay Islam promotes entire way of living life peacefully with harmony. In any community there must be rules and regulations should be set to sustain justice among community.