Sunday, March 14, 2021

Muslim Immigrant Goes On Stabbing Spree Near Eurostar Hub In Paris IS Shot Dead......

Another Knife

Another Muslim

Knifeman is shot dead near Eurostar hub in Paris after threatening mountain bike policeman 

A knifeman has been shot dead near the Eurostar hub in Paris today after he threatened a mountain bike policeman with a knife. The drama unfolded at around 11am on Sunday morning in the French capital as the policeman guarded three bikes. 'The officer was standing by the mountain bikes while two of his colleagues attended a domestic incident in a nearby building,' said an investigating source. A man began threatening the policeman, and then approached him with a knife, while ignoring warnings. 'The officer said he had no option but to open fire with his service pistol, and the knifeman was hit three times before dying on the spot,' said the source. According to local reports the attacker tried to flee the scene after revealing his knife to the officer but the policeman chased after him with his baton. The attacker then turned and tried to stab the policeman so the officer was forced to shoot him, according to Le Figaro. Source

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