Monday, December 28, 2020

Nashville Bomber Anthony Quinn Warner Muslim Convert Commited Christmas Jihad After Saying Muslim Fajr Prayers: Detonated Bomb At Sunrise


Anthony Quinn Warner Muslim Convert
Suicide Bomber 

Muslim Prayer Times For FAJR in Nashville is 5:25AM

Sunrise is at 6:38AM


25 DECEMBER 2020

1:22 a.m.: The RV Metro police say is involved in the explosion was spotted in the area.

4:30 a.m.: Second Avenue building owner and resident Betsy Williams said she woke up after hearing the sound of several bursts of rapid gunfire.

5:25 a.m. FAJR

5:30 a.m.: After another round of gunfire sounds, Williams said she called 911. Police responded to reports of shots fired near Second Avenue and Commerce Street, when they saw a suspicious RV outside a nearby AT&T building. A recording seemed to be playing from the RV announcing that it would explode. Officers began evacuating residents in the area.

6:30 a.m.: An explosion occurred along Second Avenue North. Metro police said it was linked to the RV and appeared to be an intentional act. 

6:38 a.m. SUNRISE

6:45 a.m.: Emergency crews shut down streets and federal agents were called in. Three people were hospitalized for unspecified injuries, the Nashville Fire Department reported.


Investigators used DNA and other evidence to link the man, identified as Anthony Quinn Warner, to the mysterious explosion but said they have not determined a motive........ Investigators have not uncovered a singular motive for the act nor was it revealed why Warner had selected the particular location for the bombing, which damaged an AT&T building Source


Ex-CIA Director Explains the love Muslim Terrorists have for blowing things up.....

16 DECEMBER 2020

BRENNAN: So, you want me to give the enemies the reasons why they’re not as successful as they would have been?


I think sometimes it’s because they continue to go back to the tried-and-true methods. When I look at terrorist acts, especially those that are international, transnational terrorism directed against the United States —al-Qaida and other types of terrorist organizations continue to go after that which is going to go boom and bang, trying to secret an improvised explosive device onto an airplane, trying to bring down that air carrier over the United States, as opposed to looking at new and ingenious and innovative ways to really cause havoc. But they continue to want to have things blow up.

The defenses that have been put in place really have guarded against and made it much more difficult for the terrorists to surmount the various obstacles and security checks that are in place. But they continue to focus on that. And I’m glad they do in some respects because that’s where we’re best prepared to defeat their efforts.

I still shudder when I think about the availability of weapons in the United States — different types of assault weapons and how much carnage could be created and has been in instances. But rarely has it been as a result of an international terrorist group, transnational terrorist group.

You don’t hear about an al-Qaida member who picks up an assault weapon and just mows people down at a mall. Occasionally, attempts are made, or sometimes it actually happens, but they still go after that IED that is going to blow up something and create the type of footage that they want.  Source


Authorities told CNN the explosion was likely a suicide bombing. Authorities said in the news conference that a label of domestic terrorism has to be tied to a political or social ideology. “We haven’t tied to that yet,” they said, as a definite motive remains a mystery so far. Source


ISIS Calls for Christmas Jihad: ‘Coldly Kill Them With Hate And Rage’

Another Christmas is upon us, and it’s the same old story: in Muslim lands, Christians are oppressed and in constant danger of violent jihad attacks. And in the lands once known as Christendom, jihadis threaten new jihad massacres.

And so it was no surprise when International Christian Concern reported Wednesday that “security forces in Pakistan reportedly stopped a major terror attack planned to take place on Christmas Day in Peshawar. In a raid on a house in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s Khyber district, four terrorists, including the leader of a banned militant outfit, were arrested.” Among those arrested was Zakir Afridi, the commander of the jihad terror group Lashkar-e-Islam.

“Along with the terrorists,” International Christian Concern reported, “security forces seized three suicide jackets and six improvised explosive devices.”

If this plot wasn’t inspired by a call from the Islamic State to murder Christians on Christmas Day, it certainly had the same goal in mind. The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) reported that “on December 12, 2020, online supporters of the Islamic State (ISIS) distributed an audio clip of a new nasheed (Islamic religious chant) titled ‘Coldly Kill Them With Hate And Rage.’” The jolly folks who “released the song on Telegram included a poster featuring a Christmas tree with a bomb attached to it, and the caption: ‘Just Terror 2020. Here are their holidays at your doorsteps, and we are here too! And we are about to enter them with you!’ The post also includes the hashtag #MerryChristmas, suggesting it be used on social media to disseminate the song.”  Source

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