Monday, November 5, 2018

Election Day Car Bombs Set To Go Off At Polling Locations Across The Country? NY Man Planned Election Day Bombing In DC: FBI

Any surprises tomorrow during election day?

Is the left going to continue their terror campaign?

Last month:

The FBI Says a Man Planned to Detonate a Large Bomb in Washington D.C. on Election Day

NEW YORK (AP) — Federal authorities have charged a New York man with building a 200-pound (90-kilogram) bomb they say he planned to detonate on Election Day on the National Mall in Washington.Paul Rosenfeld, 56, of Tappan, was charged Wednesday with unlawfully manufacturing a destructive device and interstate transportation and receipt of an explosive.Prosecutors said he planned to use the bomb to kill himself and draw attention to a political system called sortition, in which public officials are chosen randomly rather than elected. Source

Paul Rosenfeld was a lefty.

The left will lose tomorrow.

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