Thursday, September 20, 2018

Folly Of First Responders: Horry County Sheriff Murdered Two Mental Health Patients - Chained Nicolette Green And Wendy Newton Die In Hurricane Florence Floodwaters In Deputy's Van

Nicolette Green and Wendy Newton were both killed while riding in a Horry County Sheriff’s Office van after the vehicle became overcome by flood waters during Hurricane Florence. The two victims were previously identified as being prisoners but were actually mental health patients. The victims were being transferred to McLeod Behavioral Health in Darlington, South Carolina, reports WPDE.ABC Charleston reported that the two women had been “chained” in the back of the van.Speaking to the Associated Press, Marion County Coroner Jerry Richardson said, “They’re both still under the water. It’s come up 2 feet since last night.” Richardson said the deputy who was driving had been “trying to negotiate through fast-running water, and it just didn’t work out.” Richardson later told the Washington Post that sheriff’s deputies often transfer mental-health patients saying, “It’s a courtesy they do. Sometimes you do the right thing and it ends up wrong.” Source

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