Thursday, May 3, 2018

Australia's Oldest ATHEIST Scientist Whines & Moans About Killing Himself...

Atheist Scientist is going to Switzerland to kill himself.

Says I don't want to go to Switzerland..

But has no problem going to hell....

Australia's oldest scientist, wearing a top labelled "ageing disgracefully", has left the country for Switzerland to end his life at the age of 104, saying he is resentful that he must go overseas to die. David Goodall does not have a terminal illness but his quality of life has deteriorated and he has secured a fast-track appointment with assisted dying agency Life Circle in Basel. He got on a plane in Perth late Wednesday surrounded by friends and family saying their final goodbyes, euthanasia advocates told AFP. He will spend several days with other family in Bordeaux, France, before heading to Switzerland where he is due to end his life on May 10. "I don't want to go to Switzerland, though it's a nice country," he told broadcaster ABC before leaving. Source

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