Thursday, January 26, 2023

Muslim Goes On A Stabbing Rampage Killing Two And Wounding Seven On A Train In Brokstedt, Germany

German officials say knifeman who stabbed two people to death and wounded seven others in brutal train rampage is a stateless Palestinian

At least two people have been killed and seven more injured in a stabbing rampage on a train in Germany today. The attacker sparked chaos as he lunged at horrified passengers on board the train from Kiel to Hamburg shortly before 3pm, sending commuters screaming down the carriages as they tried to escape his onslaught. The bloodbath came to an end when the suspect, a 33-year-old stateless Palestinian man according to officials, was tackled by cops and arrested on a station platform in the town of Brokstedt. A police spokesman said the investigation into a motive was focused on 'all directions' including possible extremism or psychological problems on the part of the assailant. Three of the seven injured passengers are in a serious condition following the attack condemned as a 'horrible act against all humanity' by regional interior minister Sabine Suetterlin-Waack.  Source

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