Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Kohberger Left The Knife Sheath At The Scene So He Could Get Caught?

Did Idaho 'killer' leave knife sheath at scene on PURPOSE? Expert suggests suspect Bryan Kohberger abandoned blade case in 'remarkably clever move' that could be used to prove innocence 

The Idaho quadruple murder suspect may have left a knife sheath at the crime scene as part of a 'remarkably clever move' to get off the hook, a criminologist suggested. David Wilson, a professor at Birmingham City University in the UK, pushed the idea that accused Bryan Kohberger was too smart to leave the evidence behind. He hinted it could have been part of an elaborate plan to ensure he was not convicted, but did not go into specific details why he believed this.It has been speculated that Kohberger could potentially use the knife as a red herring to benefit from double jeopardy laws, which prevent a suspect from being charged with the same crime twice. The DNA found on the sheath was initially tested against Kohberger's father's DNA, which led investigators to the PhD student. Wilson suggested it could have been transferred on to the cover and that may be an argument made by the suspect's defense team. If that argument succeeds and the key plank of evidence fails, resulting in an innocent verdict, Kohberger would likely not be charged again. He told ITV's This Morning: 'Would a highly-skilled, intelligent student who is teaching criminology, a Ph.D. student, have made such a basic error?' The criminologist was responding to host Phillip Schofield who called the abandoning of the knife sheath a 'remarkably clumsy move.' Wilson said: 'One of the things that's really struck me about the person that's been arrested and accused of this is he is intelligent and high-functioning.' He also argued DNA can be transferred from person to person and said he believes the defense may bring that up at trial. 'I could have your DNA,' Wilson said, speaking to This Morning's Holly Willoughby. 'Your DNA is on me. I could go wherever I wanted to go in the next hour and your DNA would be where I go to,' he continued. 'So the defense is clearly going to present issues that will suggest that Kohberger is innocent,' the criminologist offered.  Source

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