Sunday, August 14, 2022

MAGA Maniac Crashes Burning Vehicle Into US Capitol Barricade, Begins Firing Gun, Shoots Himself Dead.....

Man crashes burning vehicle into US Capitol barricade, begins firing gun, shoots himself 

An unidentified man reportedly set his car on fire by driving into a U.S. Capitol barricade early Sunday morning. He then exited his vehicle and began firing a weapon indiscriminately before shooting himself, police say. U.S. Capitol police say officers immediately responded when they heard the sound of gunfire at roughly 4 a.m. There were no reported injuries aside from the driver. The man's motive in the incident is unknown. The incident reportedly lasted only a matter of moments, and officers did not have time to return fire before the man turned his weapon on himself. "At this time, it does not appear the man was targeting any Members of Congress, who are on recess, and it does not appear officers fired their weapons," Capitol police said in a statement. Washington, D.C. Metro Police have taken over the investigation into the man's death. The incident comes more than a year after another vehicle crashed into a Capitol barricade in 2021, killing one police officer and wounding another. The attack killed officer Billy Evans and sent the Capitol Hill Police Department "reeling," according to the Capitol Police union. Source

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