Sunday, August 21, 2022

From The Ново-Огарёво Basement: Darya Dugin, 35, Dies In Moscow Car Bomb - Alexander Dugin Escapes

Moment Putin's closest aide Alexander Dugin holds head in his hands amid aftermath of Moscow car bomb that killed his daughter: Ukraine war mastermind is spotted at scene after Darya Dugin, 35, was 'assassinated in attack meant for her father' 

This is the moment Putin's aide Alexander Dugin watches the flaming wreckage of a car bomb meant for him that killed his daughter instead when the two switched vehicles last minute. Dugin, a notorious fascist and Russian ultranationalist, is in hospital after being filmed at the scene of the explosion that killed his 35 year old daughter, Darya Dugina. He was travelling on a highway near the village of Bolshiye Vyazyomy just outside the capital on Saturday night — but decided to travel in a different car to his daughter, avoiding death only by chance. Vladimir Putin’s closest supporters have demanded vengeance on Ukraine over the ‘assassination’ of Dugina, daughter of the Russian leader’s spiritual guru, who died in his stead. A distressing video from Baza media shows the bereft father - known as Putin’s ‘Rasputin’ - at the scene of the explosion. The car is seen as a fireball as emergency services sirens wail. Reports said she died on the spot. But her father - seen as the brains behind Putin’s interference in Ukraine from 2014 - was intended to be in the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado which was hit, but the former professor apparently switched cars at the last minute. The explosion took place as Ms Dugina was returning from a cultural festival she had attended with her father. Dugina was a political analyst and editor of pro-Putin journal United World International and a joint author of a book on Putin's war in Ukraine. Her father is the author of an extreme rightwing view of Russia’s role in the world which held an appeal to Putin. The pair were pictured together at a pro-Putin public event shortly before she was slain. Andrey Krasnov, the head of the Russian Horizon social movement and a close friend of the dead woman, said: 'I knew Darya personally. 'This was the father’s vehicle. Darya… took his car today, while Alexander went in a different way. He returned, and he was at the site of the tragedy. 'As far as I understand, Alexander or probably both of them were the target.' Source

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