Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Mass Shooting January 2022

37 Mass shootings for January 2022
  1. January 31 Raleigh North Carolina 0 4 4 Four people were shot at a motel in the late evening hours. Two of the victims were shot in the motel parking lot, while the other two were shot in their rooms.[339] January 30 Winter Haven Florida 1 4[n 2] 5 Two cars engaged in a running gun battle. Four people, including two teenagers, were shot in one of the cars, with a fifth also being wounded in the other car. An adult passenger in the first vehicle was killed.[340] 
  2. January 30 Augusta (2) Georgia 1 3 4 Four people were shot in the early morning hours at a club. A man was found dead by responding police.[341] 
  3. January 29 Bakersfield California 0 4 4 Four people were shot at a bar during the late evening hours in the Polo Grounds neighborhood.[342] 
  4. January 29 Saint Louis (1) Missouri 3 1 4 Four men were shot near an intersection in the Kingsway East neighborhood, with two found dead at the scene. Another man died at a hospital, and the surviving victim ran to a nearby convenience store for help.[343] 
  5. January 29 Atlanta (1) Georgia 1 3 4 An argument escalated into a shooting outside a sports bar in the Vine City neighborhood shortly after midnight, with one person being fatally shot, and three others being injured by gunfire.[344]
  6. January 28 Goodlettsville Tennessee 4[n 2] 0 4 A man shot his wife and two children in a murder–suicide at his home.[345]
  7. January 27 Ducor California 2 3 5 Two people were fatally shot at a Shell gas station, with three others being wounded.[346] 
  8. January 27 Washington (1) District of Columbia 1 4 5 Five people were shot at a Days Inn hotel in the Forest Hills neighborhood. A woman later succumbed to her injuries.[347] 
  9. January 23 Milwaukee (1) Wisconsin 6 0 6 Six people were found by police shot to death in a home after being called there for a welfare check in the Park West neighborhood.[348] 
  10. January 23 Inglewood California 4 1 5 Four people were fatally shot at a birthday party at a home in the morning in an ambush-style attack. A fifth person was shot but survived their injuries. The woman whose birthday was being celebrated, along with her older sister, were among the deceased.[349] 
  11. January 22 Midland Washington 1 3 4 Four people were shot by an occupant in an approaching vehicle outside an apartment complex in the South End neighborhood while they were in two vehicles. Two of the victims drove away together to Tacoma, where one of them was found dead by police.[350] 
  12. January 19 Contant United States Virgin Islands 1[n 3] 4 5 Four people were wounded after a drive-by shooting at a bar. An off-duty officer returned fire, killing one of the suspects.[351][352] 
  13. January 19 Baltimore (1) Maryland 3 1 4 Three men, including an on-duty violence-prevention worker, were fatally shot in the Milton-Monford neighborhood. Another man who was shot survived his injuries.[353] 
  14. January 19 New Orleans (1) Louisiana 0 4 4 Four men were injured when a vehicle approached them and multiple occupants opened fire upon them. The victims returned fire, and the attackers fled.[354] 
  15. January 18 Miami (1) Florida 1[n 2] 4 5 After a man was escorted out of a bar for assaulting his female companion, he drove away, and later returned with a gun and opened fire on the bar's security guards, with three female patrons and one security guard being wounded. A security guard inside the bar returned fire, and killed the shooter.[355] 
  16. January 17 San Antonio (2) Texas 0 4 4 Four people were shot at a Martin Luther King Jr. Day gathering in the Coliseum Willow Park neighborhood.[356] 
  17. January 16 Savannah Georgia 1 3 4 Four people, including two teens, were shot in the Benjamin Van Clark Park neighborhood. A woman died from her injuries, and five vehicles were struck by gunfire.[357] January 15 Brunswick Georgia 1 5 6 One person was killed, and five others injured, after two men shot at one another inside a club.[358] 
  18. January 15 Knoxville (1) Tennessee 0 4 4 Four women were shot in a parked car in the early morning hours. The driver then drove them all to a hospital.[359] 
  19. January 14 Eugene Oregon 0 6 6 A shooting broke out just before the start of a rap concert at W.O.W. Hall, resulting in six injuries.[360] 
  20. January 14 Augusta (1) Georgia 3[n 2] 1 4 A man shot three people in southern Augusta, two fatally, before committing suicide.[361] 
  21. January 13 New York City (1) New York 1 3 4 Three men and a woman were shot inside of a rental hall in the Canarsie section of Brooklyn.[362]
  22. January 12 Chicago (1) Illinois 0 4 4 Four people were wounded at the Parkway Garden Homes apartment complex in the Greater Grand Crossing neighborhood on the South Side, while standing on the sidewalk. A man approached them and opened fire before fleeing.[363] 
  23. January 9 Los Angeles (1) California 1[n 2] 5 6 A gunman opened fire at a large party in South Los Angeles, wounding five people, while another party-goer returned fire and wounded the shooter. The shooter fled in a vehicle, which later crashed, and died at a hospital.[364] 
  24. January 9 Montgomery Alabama 1 6 7 A man was killed, and six others, including four bystanders, were wounded inside a bowling alley after an argument escalated. The shooter fled afterwards.[365] 
  25. January 9 Fresno (1) California 0 4 4 Four people were wounded outside a nightclub after an argument between two people escalated.[366] 
  26. January 9 Colorado Springs (1) Colorado 2 2 4 Responding officers found two people dead, and at least two injured, at an apartment complex in the early morning.[367] 
  27. January 8 Houston (1) Texas 1 3 4 A gunman opened fire outside a club, killing one, and wounding three others.[368] 
  28. January 4 Jackson (1) Mississippi 1 3 4 One teen was shot to death, while three other teens were injured while sitting in a car at a gas station.[369] 
  29. January 2 Corsicana (1) Texas 2 2 4 Two men were found deceased in a crashed car with multiple gunshots. Two other adults in the backseat were wounded.[370] 
  30. January 2 San Antonio (1) Texas 2 2 4 An altercation led to a shooting at an apartment complex. Two people were killed, and another was wounded, after bullets went through a wall. A fourth person was injured in another apartment.[371] 
  31. January 1 Peoria Illinois 2 3 5 Two women were killed, and three others wounded, in an early morning shooting.[372] 
  32. January 1 Philadelphia (1) Pennsylvania 1 4 5 A teenager was killed, and three adults and another teenager were wounded, in a shooting near Temple University.[373] 
  33. January 1 Dillon South Carolina 0 5 5 A shooter opened fire outside a nightclub, and wounded five.[374] January 1 Auburn Georgia 1[n 2] 3 4 After officers were dispatched to respond to a domestic dispute at a home and they were en route, the call was upgraded to shots fired. Upon arriving, officers found a man had killed himself after shooting three people, including two children.[375] 
  34. January 1 Kenosha (1) Wisconsin 1 3 4 A man was killed, and three others wounded, in a shooting in a parking lot in the early morning.[376]
  35. January 1 South Bend Indiana 0 4 4 Four people were wounded at a shooting at a New Years party shortly after midnight.[377] 
  36. January 1 Denver (1) Colorado 2 2 4 Two adults were killed, and two wounded, in an early morning shooting in the LoDo district.[378] 
  37. January 1 Columbia Missouri 0 4 4 Four adults were wounded in the early morning in a shooting at a local bar.[379]

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