Saturday, July 2, 2022

Lance Storz, 49, Opened Fire On Deputies Killing Three: Capt. Ralph Frasure, Deputy William Petry, Canine Handler Jacob Chaffins And K9 Drag

Three cops and their K9 slaughtered by rape suspect who barricaded himself inside his Kentucky home and waited for them with multiple weapons when they came to arrest him 

Three Kentucky cops and a police canine were killed in a shootout while trying to serve a warrant to a man wanted for domestic violence. Prestonsburg Police Capt. Ralph Frasure, Deputy William Petry, Canine Handler Jacob Chaffins and K9 Drago were killed late Thursday night after encountering 'pure hell' at a home in Allen, a small town in the hills of Appalachia. Lance Storz, 49, fired multiple rounds at the officers as they approached his home in an attempt to serve an emergency protection order. Police allege Storz acted as a 'sheer terrorist' and had 'planned' the mass shooting, noting how he was waiting for them with a rifle when they arrived on scene. The accused shooter surrendered after negotiations that included his family members and was charged with multiple counts of murder of a police officer, attempted murder of a police officer and assaulting a service animal. Storz has pleaded not guilty and remains jailed on a $10 million bond ahead of his July 11 court hearing.Officers were called to Storz's Main Street home shortly before 7pm Thursday as part of a domestic violence investigation. When deputies arrived at the property, Storz was standing by with a rifle, seemingly waiting for them, and opened fire, Floyd County Sheriff John Hunt said. 'They had no chance,' he told WSAZ-TV. 'They encountered pure hell when they arrived.' Four deputies initially responded, then called for backup when they were shot at. 'When the deputies put out the call for help, the responding agencies, I guess, just entered the line of fire without even knowing where it was coming from.' Hunt said. 'We were there for hours before we even knew where it was coming from.' Witness allege Storz used multiple weapons in his violent attack that resembled a 'war zone.' Gunshots reportedly rang out for hours while responding officers were seen ducking for cover. 'When I say it was a war zone when I pulled into this area, you are talking about people in fatigues, people with body armor, people with night vision, people with assault weapons - if that's not a war zone, I don't know what is,' Floyd County Attorney Keith Bartley said. 'Lots of ammunition. You could hear the gunfire ring out and you could tell there were different caliber weapons. Smaller caliber, some large caliber, some shooting at extreme velocities. Ya know, very quick shooting.' Source

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