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UPDATE: Portland Shooter Michael Reinoehl Shoots And Kills Trump Supporter...

  Portland Shooter Michael Reinoehl 
Executed Trump Supporter

But understand this: there will be terrifying times in the last days.People will be self-centered and lovers of money, proud, haughty, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, irreligious, callous, implacable, slanderous, licentious, brutal, hating what is good, traitors, reckless, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, as they make a pretense of religion but deny its power. Reject them. (2 Timothy 3.1-5)

“The true faith to the Lord having been forgotten, each individual will want to be on his own and be superior to people of same identity, they will abolish civil rights as well as ecclesiastical, all order and all justice would be trampled underfoot and only homicides, hate, jealousy, lies and dissension would be seen without love for country or family. Our Lady of La Salette 19 Sept. 1846 (Published by Mélanie 1879)

Blood will flow on all sides. Our Lady of La Salette 19 Sept. 1846 (Published by Mélanie 1879)

God will allow the old serpent to cause divisions among those who reign in every society and in every family. Physical and moral agonies will be suffered. God will abandon mankind to itself and will send punishments which will follow one after the other for more than thirty-five years. Our Lady of La Salette 19 Sept. 1846 (Published by Mélanie 1879)

Blood will flow in the streets. Our Lady of La Salette 19 Sept. 1846 (Published by Mélanie 1879)


Suspect in Fatal Portland Shooting Is Killed by Officers During Arrest

Law enforcement agents killed Michael Forest Reinoehl while trying to arrest him, four officials said. He was being investigated in the fatal shooting of a supporter of a far-right group.

LACEY, Wash. — Law enforcement agents shot and killed an antifa supporter on Thursday as they moved to arrest him in the fatal shooting of a right-wing activist who was part of a pro-Trump caravan in Portland, Ore., officials said.

The suspect, Michael Forest Reinoehl, 48, was shot by officers from a federally led fugitive task force during the encounter in Washington State, according to the U.S. Marshals Service.

“Initial reports indicate the suspect produced a firearm, threatening the lives of law enforcement officers,” the Marshals Service said in a statement. “Task force members responded to the threat and struck the suspect who was pronounced dead at the scene.” Source 


A: "Hey! Hey, we got one right here! We got a Trumper right here!" 

B: "Right here?" 

Two gunshots....

1 man shot, killed near downtown Portland protests Saturday   

One man was shot and killed in downtown Portland as dueling demonstrations — one a pro-Trump car caravan and another a counter-protest mounted by various opposing groups — unfolded late Saturday.

Portland police said the man was shot around 8:45 p.m. near Southwest Third Avenue and Alder Street. The agency did not say whether the incident was related to the demonstrations.

The man lay in the street as medics tended to the gunshot wounds. The body remained there after medics left. Next to the body was camouflage gear with infidel and thin blue line patches, which commonly indicate support for law enforcement. Police taped off the area.

A photo from the scene published by Getty Images showed the man wearing a hat with a Patriot Prayer logo. The far-right group has been at the center of multiple Portland demonstrations that often culminate in violent clashes.

Patriot Prayer leader Joey Gibson said he had also seen the photo of the man killed. He did not say whether he knew the person.

“I have to figure out what the hell is going on,” Gibson said Saturday night, before hanging up.

Various scuffles between pro-Trump demonstrators and counter-protesters had broken out in the hours since a vehicle rally in support of President Donald Trump, which began in near Clackamas Town Center, reached Portland. Organizers of the event encouraged demonstrators to come armed, but not carry their firearms openly. Source 

“They Hunted Him Down”: Friend of Murdered Trump Supporter Speaks Out

A friend of Jay Bishop who was stood next to Bishop when he was executed in cold blood has spoken out, saying the pair were deliberately “hunted down” by leftists. Bishop was shot dead on Saturday night in Portland. Video footage of the incident shows someone shouting “We’ve got a Trumper right here,” before another person responds “Right here?” before firing two shots. Leftists in Portland later celebrated the brutal murder by dehumanizing Bishop, who was a member of the conservative Patriot Prayer group as a “Nazi”. A friend of Bishop’s who was with him when he was shot told an interviewer, “They executed my partner.” Source 

Recent criminal history of the shooter Michael Reinoehl 

9 JULY 2020

Father, son charged after allegedly racing at 111 mph on Interstate 84

A Clackamas man and his teenage son were both arrested early Monday after an Oregon State Police trooper saw the pair apparently racing at over 100 mph in separate vehicles on Interstate 84 near North Powder.

The father, Michael Forest Reinoehl, 48, was charged with driving under the influence of a controlled substance, recklessly endangering another person and unlawful possession of a firearm. He was also cited for driving while uninsured, driving while suspended, and for speeding.

His 17-year-old son, whose name was not listed in a police report, was charged with driving under the influence of marijuana and unlawful possession of a firearm.

The incident started about 12:47 a.m. when OSP Sr. Trooper Nicholas Hagedorn saw a 2005 Cadillac STS and a Subaru Impreza traveling at 111 mph and apparently racing. The vehicles were eastbound on Interstate 84 near Milepost 286 at North Powder.

Hagedorn pulled over the Cadillac. He notified the Baker County Sheriff’s Office and deputies found the Subaru on a county road off the freeway near Milepost 298, the Medical Springs Highway exit.

Reinoehl, who was driving the Cadillac, showed signs of impairment and consented to sobriety tests, according to Hagedorn’s report.

Hagedorn found “usable amounts of marijuana and unidentified prescription pills” in the Cadillac. He also found a loaded, concealed Glock pistol for which Reinoehl did not have a concealed handgun license. Source 



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