Sunday, December 1, 2019

Joe Biden Nibbles On Wife's Fingers

Bizarre moment Joe Biden BITES his wife Jill's finger during a campaign stop in Iowa to drum up support ahead of the caucuses (because his Democratic rivals are eating into his lead) 

A bizarre moment when Joe Biden playfully bit on his wife Jill's finger as she waved in his direction before a crowd has been caught on camera. The presidential hopeful was appearing at the start of his eight-day 'No Malarkey' bus tour of Iowa on Saturday. Biden and his wife were on stage at a rally in Council Bluffs as she introduced him at the first stop of the tour. As she flung her arm in his direction to make a point, Biden dodged the wave. But when she motioned a second time, he decided to have a taste of one of her fingers, getting a laugh out of her and a crowd of supporters. Source

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