Wednesday, December 12, 2018

DC & Riyadh To Be Punished With PLAGUE Over Khashoggi Murder: DC Spiraling Rat Infestation...

Divine Justice in action

Both towns to be punish for the inaction of Trump and the Saudi King in punishing of MBS for his role in the Murder of Khashoggi. Both men REFUSE to punish the wicked Prince Mohammed bin Salman:

Draining the swamp, clearing the burrows: DC’s war on rats 

WASHINGTON (AP) — Andre Pittman and Gregory Cornes are on a mission to rid Washington of opportunistic vermin. But their target isn’t corrupt officials or shady political fixers; it’s Rattus Norvegicus, the common Norway Rat. The nation’s capital is facing a spiraling rat infestation, fueled by mild winters and a human population boom. Washington’s government is struggling to keep pace, with the pest control department fielding a record number of calls. On one recent day, Pittman and Cornes, both veteran Health Department employees, are working within sight of the Capitol, shoveling dry ice pellets into suspected rat burrow entrances. On another, they’re summoned about six blocks north of the White House, at 16th Street and M, where residents have complained of an outbreak. Source

The world know that MBS murdered Khashoggi now the world gets to witness the punishment of both towns.

Rats are in place to make a delivery....

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